Planning a Destination Wedding? Las Vegas is the place, we have an abundance of chapels, reception locations and all kinds of unique theme options for your wedding. There are a few basics to keep in mind when planning a destination wedding.


  1. Consider hiring a consultant, this can save you lots of time and prevent mistakes when hiring out of “your” state vendors.
  2. Attend a bridal show for the area where you want to get married or visit the website for that bridal show.
  3. Visit our site, you will find a list of vendors in every category who can help you plan your Las Vegas destination wedding. You can rely on e-mail and the Internet to stay in contact with your chosen vendors just like you would in your home town.
  4. Use credit cards for payment, never cash. This will give you proof of your purchases.
  5. When ordering things like decor and flowers, you can e-mail photos of what you like. Just keep in mind flowers that are available in California may not be you best choices in the desert, so keep an open mind and be flexible. Your florist should be aware of the current brides maid color options and be able to suggest complimentary flowers to go with them. It’s best to mail them a color sample rather than just tell them green, there can be many different shades of green (celedon, sage, mint, clover….you get what I mean?)
  6. Arrive at your destination wedding state early enough to take care of all final details and be relaxed before the big day, treat your self to a spa and unwind….you want to enjoy this most special day with the love of your life.