saving-money-on-musicDJ’s Can Make Your Wedding Reception Sizzle


There are many articles out now on how to save money at your wedding. But brides beware, some of the advice being given is just plain BAD!

We are in the position to talk to many wedding professionals who are the ones who will be working hard to make your wedding a success. Today we spoke to Knight Sounds Entertainment. They were happy to pass on some practical advice to you!

  • You can still have the wedding you want, but the first thing to consider is to put the date off a little longer than you would like and save for it! Don’t go into debt just to have it right away and then start your married life together overwhelmed financially and possibly end up divorced.
  • Don’t just plan to use an ipod and do it yourself. That could end up destroying your happy day. Without a professional emcee there to direct events, get the party going, and make special announcements, your wedding could be over in an hour.
  • The best way to cut $100 off your entertainment budget might be to book your entertainment for 3 hours instead of 4. Or have your wedding on a week day instead of the weekend. That one decision alone can save you on most every service you will need.
  • If you simply can’t wait and want to get married now, then plan a simpler chapel wedding and hold a big party a year down the road and relive your special day with everyone present!

Wedding professionals let’s hear from you, give us your ideas for how couples can save money and still have the wedding they have been yearning for!

Thanks to Jennifer Spangler for her tips and advice. Knight Sounds Entertainment has been a vendor at the Bridal Spectacular for close to 50 shows! You will be able to meet them in person at the next Bridal Spectacular.