On your wedding day, you can be sure that your gown won’t be the only place on your person your guests are looking. From the moment your groom slides the wedding ring onto your finger, plenty of focus will be on your left hand.  Most brides plan a pre-wedding day manicure to make sure their hands look beautiful, for photos and the admiration of guests asking to see the ring.  While you may already have your ideal nail design in mind, keep in mind that the polish color you choose can make or break your look.

I found this trick out the hard way. For my engagement photos, six months before my Las Vegas wedding, I polished my fingernails with my favorite hot pink polish. Sure, pink is flirty, girly, and fun. The color choice seemed perfect for the engagement photo shoot. Then, I saw the prints. Well, let’s just say that my fiancé and I had a hard time finding a photo where my hot pink nails didn’t outshine us.

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Even if you’re taking hand portraits to display your wedding ring, your fingernails should not be the focal point of the photo. So, what colors can you wear to compliment your ensemble while still showing your style? Here’s a look at this season’s nail polish colors for brides.

  • “Greige”—This gray beige color is a modern spin on mauve, becoming a neutral tone that’s so sophisticated.
  • Golden brown—This tone warms up your nails and goes great with gold jewelry.
  • Pale pink—This classic color gives life to your nails without drawing too much attention.  Besides, pretty pink always makes a girl feel like a princess.
  • Matte—This style showcases a soft touch. Leave glitter-infused polish in your bathroom cabinet, and choose a chic matte color instead.
  • Bold but Tame—This season, for brides who want a touch more edge, think bold colors but tone them down a tad. Bright blue becomes periwinkle, emerald green becomes pistachio, and shocking purple becomes lavender.
  • Red wine—This color is exactly what it sounds like. From merlot to cabernet, nothing says romance like wine.

With these colors, you’ll feel stylishly stunning while letting your ring shine in your wedding photos, complimented not overshadowed by your nail polish.

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(Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2010)

(Photo Credit: Vanna Nguyen © 2010)