You’ve heard the tagline for Las Vegas’ Bridal Spectacular: “If you’re a bride-to-be, the place to be is the Spectacular bridal show.”  Well, they’re not kidding.

Okay, ladies, think of Bridal Spectacular’s bridal show this way. It’s like your first kiss, with the man you’re about to marry. The experience is exhilarating, and it rockets you forward to the next level.

Grand Entrance
Getting Excited at the Grand Entrance

When you walk through the doors to Bridal Spectacular’s latest show, expect an experience. You’ll feel a burst of excitement as you as you wander the aisles, gleaning ideas for your Las Vegas wedding’s décor. You’ll feel a rush of emotion as you spot the perfect pattern for your groom’s vest, tie, and tux. You’ll even take your wedding planning to the next level, as you discover how effortless it becomes for you to find quality vendors in such a short amount of time. If you’re a bride-to-be, Bridal Spectacular’s upcoming show will inspire you, providing all you need to create the wedding day you’re dreaming of.

Bridal Spectacular offers more variety and more vendors than any other bridal show in Las Vegas. Need a photographer to capture your kiss at the conclusion of the ceremony? Find the right one for you at Bridal Spectacular. Need a DJ who can balance the crowd, playing the top-40 hits but also including a little something from the 1940s? Find your best fit at Bridal Spectacular. Looking to spice up your wedding reception through food? And let’s not forget the candy and cakes!  How about photo booths, honeymoon destinations, ceremony and reception venues, floral arrangements, clergy, invitations, dance lessons, and beauty products? You guessed it—Bridal Spectacular has it all!

By attending this bridal show, the largest and most trusted in Las Vegas, you can skip endless wedding planning appointments across town. Instead, you can conveniently find all the best-quality vendors beneath one roof. “This is the best opportunity to interview, face-to-face, the people you will be trusting with the most important occasion you will ever plan,” Debra Hansen, Producer of Bridal Spectacular and Publisher of Spectacular Bride wedding planner, said.

At Bridal Spectacular, it’s all about you, your groom, and your big day. You’re the bride. And unlike other shows, Bridal Spectacular puts you first.

In the midst of your wedding planning at Bridal Spectacular‘s bridal show, take a moment to enjoy yourself. Meander over to the concessions area to view the reception rentals while sipping a cool drink.  Relax as a member of the audience during a fashion show with the latest designs from seasoned professionals, like David’s Bridal, Jerry’s Tux Shop, and Men’s Wearhouse, as well as fashionable newcomers bridal shops. Laugh as the back-by-popular-demand dancers put on a show at the catwalk. Stroll down Inspiration Avenue. Allow yourself to be entertained, inspired, and at peace as your wedding planning runs its course during Las Vegas’ best bridal show.

Amazing Fashion Show
Beautiful Brides, Sassy Bridesmaids, and Hot Groomsmen: Amazing Fashion Show

“I truly wish I could [greet every girl at the door]. It would be so great to have the opportunity to tell each one of them how happy I am to have them join us for this event,” Debra Hansen, Producer of Bridal Spectacular, said. When asked to give brides the secret to having the best experience at Bridal Spectacular, she recommended: “Take [your] time, ask the vendors lots of questions, take notes of what you liked, and…talk over what you have seen with your groom or family.”

Take advantage of the wedding planning opportunities provided to you this Summer or Winter. Buy your tickets online to Bridal Spectacular’s two-day event at

Bridal Spectacular wants your wedding day to go as smoothly as possible. But this bridal show also realizes the importance in helping you make your wedding planning a stress-free experience. That’s why Bridal Spectacular began 25 years ago—to help brides realize their wedding day dreams by providing the means to do so through this bi-annual bridal show.  So, plan to attend the next bridal show, if you’re a bride-to-be, the place to be is the Spectacular bridal show.

Author: Allyson Siwajian

Photographs provided by Debra Hansen.