Save the date, Las Vegas will be hosting its best bridal show of the year—Bridal Spectacular.  Whether you’re just engaged or about to walk down the aisle, this is the only bridal show that guarantees something for every bride and groom at any stage of wedding planning. That’s why you’ve decided to attend. But now that you intend to plan your Las Vegas wedding at Bridal Spectacular, you need to acquire tickets to the show for Friday night and Saturday. You have two options: (1) Purchase tickets online, or (2) buy your tickets at the door. As a bride who’s been through the process, I recommend the online option. Here’s my list of top reasons to purchase your show tickets today via Bridal Spectacular’s Web site.

1. Pay and print from the comfort of your own home.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. One of the reasons the Internet is so popular these days is that it allows us to take care of business without leaving our homes. Why drive to the ATM when you can check your bank balance on your computer? Why check out a stack of books at the library when you can research online? The same standard applies here. Buy your tickets online, and skip the fuss.

2. Saves you time. Head straight to the registration booths.

When you arrive at Bridal Spectacular, you’ll wait in line for the registration booths to receive your free tote bag, free Spectacular Bride wedding guide, potential door prize, and a guaranteed year’s subscription to Brides magazine free-of-charge. Now, that’s a line worth waiting in. However, if you don’t have your printed, online ticket, you’ll have to spend time in another line first to pay for your ticket before you are admitted to the registration area.

Avoid the wait. Buy tickets online.
Avoid the wait. Buy tickets online.

3. Saves you stress. Skip the long line for credit cards.

Imagine you’re standing in that extra line, before the registration booth line, waiting to pay by credit card. And it’s slow. A bride who’s nine people ahead of you doesn’t want to pay for her whole bridal party she brought along. So, you have to wait as her six bridesmaids individually pay. Plus, independent credit card machines don’t exactly operate at jet speed. How long could you be here? You could have made it all the way down Inspiration Avenue by this time, if only you’d purchased online.

4. Saves you money. Save $5/ticket if bought in advance online with a promo code.

Who doesn’t want to save a few bucks? When you buy your tickets online, if you have a promo code, you only have to pay $10 per ticket, rather than $15 at the door. Save money by buying online. This way, you can either have a little extra to invite along another person, or pocket the extra cash for when you’ll need it during your wedding planning process. Every little bit counts! Check Facebook for current promo codes.

5. Want your guy to go? If you’ve already bought tickets, there’s no backing out now.

Talk with your groom about attending Bridal Spectacular with you, to plan your wedding together. As soon as he shows interest, girl, go get those tickets. At the summer show, grooms, or one person per couple gets in free on Friday nights.

To buy your tickets online to Bridal Spectacular, visit One ticket is good for two days, as long as you remember to get your hand stamped on as you leave. Children ages 3 and under can come in for free, but you might prefer to find a babysitter for your kids instead, allowing you to fully focus on your wedding planning at the show.

(Author: Allyson Siwajian)

(Photograph: Debra Hansen)