Bridal Spectacular’s Las Vegas bridal show, with hundreds of vendors in one location for your convenience, is only four days away. Are you ready? Take a look at this list “What to Bring to Bridal Spectacular” to be among the most prepared brides this weekend.

Use mailing labels instead of handwriting.
Try mailing labels instead of handwriting.

1. Bring mailing labels with your name and contact information.

Before the show, print two to five sheets of mailing labels with the following information:  bride’s name, groom’s name, mailing address, e-mail address (see tip #2 below), and phone number.  With mailing labels, you’ll spare yourself hand cramps from filling out hundreds of interest cards and grand-prize entry cards at vendors’ bridal show booths.

2. Bring a temporary e-mail address.

Rather than give your personal or work e-mail to vendors, create a new account to share at the bridal show. This way, you can separate your wedding planning from your work or weekend plans. Remember to check this account frequently for special offers from vendors you liked and/or reminder deadlines from companies you contracted with at the show.

3. Bring your debit or credit card.

At Bridal Spectacular, you may find a vendor you definitely want to hire. If you’ve brought a way to pay, you can discuss details of a vendor’s contract and pay the deposit to immediately reserve a vendor for your wedding date.


Take note of what you most liked.
Take note of what you liked.

4. Bring a method to take notes of what you liked, loved, and want to revisit.

You’ll find so many Las Vegas wedding options and pick up so many packets of information at Bridal Spectacular that you need to come prepared with a way to remind yourself of what you liked. Consider bringing a notebook and pen, Post-its, or maybe a Sharpie marker to write on the vendor packets you receive. Not into taking notes through writing? Consider other methods, such taking pictures of displays and vendor names with your camera (if individual vendors allow) or even texting vendor names to yourself with a pre-established rating system. Decide what’s best for you, but come prepared for the influx of information.

5.  Wear comfortable shoes and enjoy the show.

With these tips, you’ll easily navigate Bridal Spectacular’s bridal show  and 21,  You’ll be prepared to meet vendors, to remember what you liked best amidst all your options, and to make the most of your wedding planning time.

(Author: Allyson Siwajian)