I know what you’re thinking. Popcorn? Why would I want popcorn at my wedding? Well, Las Vegas brides, that’s what I thought at first too.

Then, I met the Popcorn Girl herself at the most recent Bridal Spectacular bridal show. Easily one of the liveliest people at the bridal show, Popcorn Girl Laurie Sabol brings energy and ingenuity to the wedding planning experience through her products.

Thumbs-up, Popcorn Girl!
Thumbs-up, Popcorn Girl!

Beginning with party favors that guests are guaranteed to enjoy, Popcorn Girl can prepare individual bags for each place setting at your wedding reception. All you have to do is choose the flavor. From the classics like White Chocolate Pretzel to the original recipes like Oreo, Dill Pickle, Jalapeño Ranch, Blackberry, S’mores, and Chicago (a caramel concoction), Popcorn Girl has something for everyone. Offering over fifty flavors of cheese, chocolate, and caramel popcorn, all made fresh daily in a local Las Vegas store, Popcorn Girl can also customize popcorn to fit your theme colors and your taste buds.

“I can make the popcorn any color you want,” Sabol said. “If your [wedding or bridal shower] color is pink, but you want white chocolate popcorn, I can make it pink. So you can have white chocolate popcorn that’s pink.”

In addition to popcorn as party favors for the wedding and your bridal shower, your groom may want to use popcorn for his groomsmen’s gifts. Forget the talk earlier about pink popcorn, and choose a flavor like Southwest Hot Wings. Then, to hold two to six bags of popcorn, choose a sports tin featuring any NFL, NBA, or MBA team.

“Who needs another pen?” Sabol said with a smile. And, frankly, she has a point (no pun intended). “They need a sports tin. That way, they can put their beverages in it when they go back home.”

Popcorn Girl also offers smaller gift packages, with a variety of bags, boxes, or tins. This allows you to give a small thank-you gift for someone who helped you in the wedding process, such as the wedding coordinator at the venue or the officiant who married you and your groom.

While I loved these new spins on traditional gifts, I had heard from other brides that Popcorn Girl also featured popcorn stations for wedding receptions. When I asked Sabol, she nodded, her blonde pigtails bobbing, and said, “We do any kind of theme, any kind of party.” Then, she showed me several exquisite tins of popcorn, well-decorated as the bride, groom, and wedding party with linens, pearls, bow ties, and boutonnieres.

This is what happens when the wedding party goes undercover.
This is what happens when the wedding party goes undercover.

For anyone concerned about having a popcorn station at your wedding, know this: Popcorn Girl’s wedding displays are far from the bucket o’ butter you’ll find in movie theaters. Rather, Sabol ensures that the presentation of the popcorn is equally elegant to your wedding.

“I’m doing a wedding this autumn, for example,” Sabol said, “where the area is a desert. So [the wedding popcorn tins] are going to be a shimmery copper and burgundy.” She continued to describe the decorations, from the subtle metallic shine in the tablecloths to the touch of nature with interwoven leaves. “It’s going to be beautiful,” Sabol said.

For creativity, tastiness, and energy, Popcorn Girl receives a thumbs-up from me. If you’re a fun-filled bride who relishes a tasty snack, who wants more than the usual party favor, and who hopes to liven the atmosphere, then add Popcorn Girl to your Las Vegas wedding planning.

To schedule an appointment, call Popcorn Girl Laurie Sabol or co-owner Mark Smith at (702) 258-2676. Also, feel free to stop by the Popcorn Girl store at 8550 W. Charleston Blvd. Suite 109 in Las Vegas, NV, for a fun, flavorful experience with free samples. Visit Popcorn Girl’s web site for more information.

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Author: Allyson Siwajian

Photographs: Allyson Siwajian