Want a punk rocker with shocking blue hair and immense creativity to design your wedding flowers? How about a classical musician with the muse to make a symphony rise forth from your floral arrangements? Or a talented artist who can bring their dramatic drawings to life within bridal bouquets?

At Enchanted Florist, every floral designer “is an artist of some sort, a visual artist,” said shop owner Teresa Stewart on the premier edition of “Cool in Vegas,” a new television show that highlights successful businesses in the Las Vegas valley.

Pink and black bridal bouquet

Co-owner Kathryn Null agrees. “We don’t hire people who have been flower designers in the past,” she said. “We have just a huge variety [of artists].” From dancers to actresses to drawing experts, Enchanted Florist brings energy, creativity, and a modern edge to every floral arrangement they produce. These talented professionals use their affinity for visual art when designing. Through this, Enchanted Florist offers one-of-a-kind pieces to any bride for her wedding day.

Just as any artist would hope to evoke emotion from her art’s viewers, the crew at Enchanted Florist wants a bride’s wedding guests to have a definite reaction to her wedding flowers. “It’s … floral art,” Stewart said. “We would like someone to have, definitely, a reaction to it.”

While Enchanted Florist hopes to elicit positive reactions from wedding guests, the floral designers are in touch with their own emotions as well. From the staff’s high morale to the owners’ best-friend connection to their shop’s reputation within the local community, Enchanted Florist brings excitement to every project and contentedness to each customer.

Enchanted Florist’s display at Bridal Spectacular bridal show

“They treat you like family,” one pleased customer said during the “Cool in Vegas” interview.

Enchanted Florist knows their customers’ needs and, furthermore, they genuinely care. For each wedding, the artists create original arrangements, unique to the bride and groom. They capture the excitement of the event. “It’s [about] remembering that ‘Oh my gosh, this is somebody’s birthday’” or wedding day or anniversary, Null said, smiling.

“The most important thing for me,” Stewart said, “is that we …  make something that has never been made before, totally unique to their event and totally unique to their own story.”

Brides, if you would like to see your Las Vegas wedding feature floral arrangements no one has seen before, that are unique to you, and that speak for who you and your groom are as couple, then contact Enchanted Florist. Call (702) 731-2656 to schedule a consultation, or visit their website for more information.

If you would like to view Enchanted Florist on KTNV-TV, Channel 13’s “Cool in Vegas,” click here.

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Article Author: Allyson Siwajian

Photographs: Adam Frazier Photography

Displays featured in photographs: Enchanted Florist as seen at Bridal Spectacular bridal show, August 2010.

Additional Credits: Quotes courtesy of Enchanted Florist members on KTNV-TV, Channel 13’s “Cool in Vegas”