This past Saturday, Santa Fe Station Hotel and Casino hosted its annual open house for brides and grooms. With food and beverages provided by culinary artisans and with rooms decorated for ceremonies and receptions, this event gave Las Vegas brides a glimpse of what they can expect for their wedding day with Santa Fe Station as their wedding venue. Las Vegas brides, even if you couldn’t come to the open house on February 5, make an appointment today to sample the spirit of the Santa Fe for yourself.

“Our food is outstanding, our prices are great, and our service is out-of-this-world,” Marilyn Giglio, Sales Manager of Santa Fe Station Hotel and Casino, said about Santa Fe Station at the most recent Bridal Spectacular bridal show.

Santa Fe station hosted a Bridal Spectacular booth this January, featuring wedding reception table decor.

With 50,000 square feet available, the Santa Fe offers up to five rooms for ceremony, reception, and cocktail hour use. While the room displays lovely shades of greens, burnt oranges, and browns, the bride may alter décor to fit her wedding day dreams.

“We can have any type of decoration the bride might like,” Giglio said of the ceremony and reception areas. This even includes bringing your own color scheme into the mix. “This year has seen a lot of turquoise. Last year apple green was huge. In the winter, there’s always the reds, oranges, and browns,” Giglio said. For color and décor, personalization is possible. It’s all up to the bride and groom!

Also, the Santa Fe provides engaged couples with infinite possibilities for catering. Through packages, brides and grooms experience the ease of a deliciously planned meal with several courses, including hors d’oeuvres, salads, main dishes, side dishes, and desserts. If they wish, a couple can even customize their meal options and also order their wedding cake through Santa Fe Station’s excellent catering team.

“The food is all freshly made to order for a bride and groom and their party,” Giglio said. “It’s not from the casino buffet or restaurants.” With a kitchen dedicated to your wedding, brides and grooms, you’re certain to enjoy the most sumptuous wedding food.

In addition to stellar meals and a full-service wedding venue, Santa Fe Station Hotel and Casino also offers many in-house amenities and guest accommodations. When you book Santa Fe Station as your wedding venue, your out-of-town guests will welcome the luxury of staying within the same area. Even if you’ve already booked your wedding venue elsewhere, you can still reserve a block of rooms at the Santa Fe for your out-of-town guests. In addition to comfortable hotel rooms, your guests will enjoy Santa Fe Station’s restaurants, casino gambling, bars, lounges, and even family-friendly activities, like the bowling alley, arcade, and Century Theaters.

Santa Fe Station Hotel and Casino's team won Bridal Spectacular's 2010 Dazzle Award.

With a wedding venue, specialized catering team, and hotel accommodations, the Santa Fe Station Hotel and Casino gives brides and grooms excellent services for affordable prices.

“Come out and take a look at the Santa Fe,” Giglio said to brides and grooms planning a Las Vegas wedding. “Sometimes people drive by a casino and don’t really think too much about what could be inside. But when you come and take a look, and get a feel for the room, I think you would really appreciate it.”

For more information, visit Santa Fe Station Hotel and Casino’s website. Then call the Santa Fe’s Catering Sales Manager Debbie Hansen or Sales Manager Marilyn Giglio at 702-667-4723 or 702-515-4348 to make your appointment and view the property for yourself. Don’t forget to also visit Bridal Spectacular’s website to view more details about the Santa Fe and to discover many more Las Vegas wedding venues, vendors, and planning tips!

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photographs: Allyson Siwajian (Photos features Santa Fe Station’s displays at Bridal Spectacular.)