Brides, for your wedding day, you’ll want to look your best. With perfectly styled hair and a flawless complexion, you’ll capture the gaze of your groom and your wedding guests on that special day. But while you’ll want to jazz up your look a little bit for your Las Vegas wedding, you also still want to look like yourself. Fortunately, brides, the bridal beauty specialists at local business Hair’z Melinda believe in making you look your best while letting your true personality shine in your wedding day hair and make-up choices.

Hair’z Melinda display at Bridal Spectacular bridal show

“We specialize in on-location hair and make-up for any sort of bridal and special occasion need,” Melinda Borsuk-Pollard, owner and founder of Hair’z Melinda, said at a recent Bridal Spectacular bridal show.

For your wedding day, members of the Hair’z Melinda team can arrive on your doorstep with their hair products and cosmetology kits in hand. Since they come to you, brides, you’re free to relax on your wedding day. Stay home instead of rushing to a salon. Be at ease in the comfort of your own home. Let yourself be pampered, and soak in the excitement of that special day in the company of close friends and family.

“We can do on-location hair and make-up for brides, bridesmaids, flower girls, Mom, your best friends, grandmothers, aunts—all of them,” Melinda said.

With so many possibilities, you and your wedding party are certain to have a good time while becoming your most beautiful.

“We do have packages that include a trial run,” Melinda said. “Brides can come in before the wedding to make sure that the hairstyle looks exactly the way they’d picture it in their mind.”

For these trial runs, Hair’z Melinda recommends that brides bring photographs of hairstyles they like as well as a picture of their wedding gowns. With this inspiration, Hair’z Melinda staff can help a bride create a style that best fits her personality while remaining appropriate to the occasion. To create a completely custom look, Hair’z Melinda stylists also consider each bride’s hair texture, density, length, and color. After a discussion with each bride, they’ll also learn a bride’s hair care preference and lifestyle to ensure her wedding day look reflects her personality.

Hair’z Melinda creates styles that can be free and flowing, big and bouncy, or tight-curled and coif.

With an understanding of the bride’s likes, Hair’z Melinda will create a timeless hairstyle for each bride, depending on her preferences. Now, brides, you’ll be able to look back on your wedding day photographs and say that the woman in those photos definitely looks like you!

Similarly, Hair’z Melinda cosmetologists consider a bride’s skin tone, lifestyle, skin history, and personal preference before applying wedding day make-up. With several choices, from long-wearing custom blends to mineral makeup to airbrush, these cosmetologists can choose the best blend for your skin to give you a fresh face all day long.

“We like to create an unforgettable experience for you,” Melinda said. “We like to make it so that you not only have a beautiful look at the end, but we have a lot of fun getting to it.”

With experienced make-up artists and hair stylists who care about who you are and what you like, you’ll enjoy being pampered by Hair’z Melinda on your Las Vegas wedding day.

For more information about Hair’z Melinda’s professional services or for a look into their expansive portfolio that includes Cirque du Soleil, American theater groups, and innumerable customized weddings, please visit their website If you would like to learn about additional wedding hair stylists and make-up artists in Las Vegas, please visit Bridal Spectacular’s website and view “Wedding Services” for bridal beauty.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photographs: As seen on display at Bridal Spectacular’s bridal show

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