In the wake of yesterday’s Fourth of July parties, I’ve been thinking about tactful ways to leave a party.  Now, brides and grooms, this is where your part can be a pretty tricky with weddings.  While guests can casually slip out the door, you’ll need the emcee to announce your departure and invite guests to gather round for this grand exit.  But after the flurry of bubbles, guest-thrown rice, and launched birdseed, you’ll make the final move for your exit.

This is where the intensive planning comes into play.  You’ll need to make arrangements in advance for transportation to take you from the venue to the bridal suite you’ve booked.  Do you know how you’ll leave your Las Vegas wedding venue?

If you’re still looking for transportation, take a look at these popular choices for Las Vegas brides and grooms as you make your decision.

Honk if you're about to be "Just Married"!
  • Limousine:  In Las Vegas, you can embrace the glitz and glamor of this vehicle for affordable prices. Hire a stretch limousine or even a stretch Cadillac Escalade, and see your party off in style. With beverages on board and plenty of space for a long wedding dress train, you’ll enjoy the relaxation and luxury of this premiere choice.
  • Sports Car:  As a sleek getaway vehicle, this option gives you the sensation of a timeless classic worthy of your wedding night. Soak in the cheers from your wedding guests as you zip away from the wedding venue.  With your groom at your side and the wind in your hair, you’ll experience pure exhilaration and adventure as you drive to the bridal suite.
  • Golf Cart:  For weddings at country clubs, this possibility provides a personable touch. Whether this is a tribute to your love of golf or you simply want a fun, casual way to retreat from the reception, you’ll enjoy the comfort and ease of this option. Speak with a country club representative or rental facility to borrow a golf cart for your exit, and make arrangements to meet a cab or car just beyond guests’ view. If the bridal suite is nearby and your golf cart renter agrees, scoot that little golf cart all the way in a leisurely manner that will make memories.
  • Family Car: If you’re looking for free transportation with lots of sentimentality, jump inside your own car. Ask your Maid-of-Honor and Best Man to decorate it during the reception. Then when you emerge from the venue at your exit, you’ll find a personalized surprise waiting!  Drive away in “Just Married” style, and enjoy the honks, shouts, and cheers from passerbys who will amp up the celebration for you.

Grooms and gals, prepare to make your stylish exit as husband and wife! Choose the option that best fits your personalities and your budget. Then make your transportation arrangements as soon as possible. Visit Bridal Spectacular’s website for a list of recommended Las Vegas limousine companies, reputable wedding venues, and more wedding professionals to meet all your wedding planning needs.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photograph: Jamison Frady of Quiet Art Photography © 2010 (Image used by permission.)