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Black & White Wedding at The Four Seasons Las Vegas for Conor and Harmony


Bride and her bridesmaids

You will love this Black and white wedding for Conor and Harmony held at The Four Seasons in Las Vegas. The wedding and all its elegance was captured by Altf Photography. From the bride getting ready to the exquisite details at the reception you will be inspired by the ambiance this couple experienced on their […] Read more…

Las Vegas wedding photographers, John Michael and Dalisa Cooper of AltF, give back with new wedding photos for Katrina victims


We love to see the wedding industry giving back! Discover the story of two Las Vegas wedding photographers from AltF, as they journey to New Orleans to restore memories and bridal portraits to couples who lost their wedding albums to Hurricane Katrina. Read more…

“One Bride, Nine Photographers”: Las Vegas wedding photography features passionate art and high-fashion imagery


In the finale to this series, discover photographers who transform wedding photography. With knowledge of art and people, they craft regal poses and natural expressions in a high-fashion style. Featuring Alt F, LorenzFoto, and Artistic Imaging.  Read more…

Spectacular Bride Cover Photo Contest -Winner is Altf Photography


The “Spectacular Bride ” Cover contest has concluded. Over 1,500 votes were received as well as many comments regarding the 6 photos that went into the final round. (See previous post) It was a very close race to the end. The winning entry was a photo submitted by Altf Photography of a romantic scene taken at Springs Preserve of the bride and groom together.  Read more…