Many brides and grooms are already familiar with classic wedding decor for their Las Vegas weddings. We know that ceremonies usually host an archway, a floor of flower petals, and white chairs for our wedding guests. We know receptions may host round tables or long, rectangular tables, covered in linens of our signature wedding color. We might have some votive candles, and we’ll likely have floral centerpieces. A dance floor is a must, and the cake table should probably be far enough away from the dancing to avoid any accidents before the cake is cut. While these elements are necessary for many Las Vegas weddings, what are some ways that these wedding puzzle pieces can be rearranged to display your personality and add intrigue?

As you brainstorm your own answer to that question, we’d like to add a little more thought to the mix. At Bridal Spectacular’s bridal show, Las Vegas brides and grooms witnessed the exotic, the nontraditional, and the modern twist on classic wedding themes in Inspiration Avenue and the Grand Entrance. If you’re looking for a wedding with these characteristics, then consider drawing inspiration from the following designs.

Special thanks to the main designers of Bridal Spectacular’s Grand Entrance and Inspiration Avenue pavilions: Nakkiti Floral Design, Enchanted Florist, CLM Weddings, Jovani Linens and Event Design, and FWR Rental Haus.

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Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photos provided by: Debra Hansen and Allyson Siwajian