Kids can be cute Ring Bearers, but what if you don’t have any special little ones in your life? Whether you simply don’t know anyone in the “age 7 and younger” category or you’d rather not trust the little tykes with your wedding rings, today I’d like to present a new trend for Las Vegas weddings. If you’re the proud dog owner of Old Trusty and your venue allows pets on the premises, let your dog partake in the ceremony as the Ring Bearer.

Wedding Rings for Groom and Bride

The Perfect Pet for the Job

A dog? At my wedding? If this is your initial reaction, then move along to letting the Best Man carry the rings in his pocket. But, if the idea of including your pet piques your interest, then consider how well-suited your dog is to the task of Ring Bearer. Is your dog calm? Able to stay focused amidst large crowds? Trustworthy to travel along the aisle without stopping to sniff guests? If you absolutely know your dog can handle the pressure, then sign up your pet for this place of honor.

Prepare for the Ceremony

Before the wedding, take your pet to a grooming shop. If this is not a regular occurrence for your pet, you may want to take the dog for a trial run. If you plan to care for your dog at home, be sure to wash him well to remove odor and lessen dander. On the morning of your wedding day, spend some time with your pet. It will calm both of you. Later, before the ceremony, appoint someone to walk the dog to dispel excess energy before the aisle walk.

The Buddy System

Even the most well-behaved dogs may need assistance. For the aisle walk, affix a fancy leash to your dog’s collar. Then ask a bridesmaid and groomsman (who are comfortable with dogs) to walk your pet with them as they walk down the aisle arm-in-arm. Then, let them pass the leash to a family member in the front row, so your dog can lounge comfortably during the ceremony without being a distraction. Finally, invite a responsible, dog-loving friend (not a wedding party member) to watch the dog throughout the reception or to transport your pet home during the cocktail hour.

Find a tuxedo for your dog.

Dress Up the Dog

As a member of the wedding party, let your pet look its best with special attire too. Purchase a fancy leash and collar. Rent a dog tuxedo from a local tuxedo shop or pet store. Finally, purchase a Ring Bearer’s pillow that can be attached to the dog’s collar while still being comfortable for your pet. Remember you may want this pillow to be purely ceremonial, keeping the real wedding rings safe with the Best Man to avoid any complications.

With these details in place, you can incorporate your “other best friend” into your special day. With your groom’s approval, your venue’s consent, and a few responsible friends and family to tackle doggie duty, your pet will be the perfect addition to your wedding. Now try a few practice runs with your favorite bow-wow, and you’ll have the best Ring Bearer in no time!

To find dog tuxedos, please view Bridal Spectacular’s website. Use our “Wedding Services” tab to locate the page for “Apparel: Wedding Tuxedos and Formalwear.” There, you’ll find a full listing of Las Vegas tuxedo shops that you can call to check their availability of tuxedos for your pet.

Author: Allyson Siwajian

Photos: Jamison Frady (first image), Allyson Siwajian (second image)