Meet Laura Covington, a spectacular bride married in a Las Vegas wedding a mere matter of months ago.  She’s a bride just like the rest of us. She has a ring on her left ring finger to symbolize her love, a bridal gown customized by Mom, a natural hairstyle created by a professional she booked at a bridal show, and a heart that’s bursting to say, “I do.”

In these photographs, taken moments before Miss Laura became the new Mrs. Covington, her spirit just shines. And that’s why I wanted to display these bridal preparation photographs today. Because, Las Vegas brides, this is a bride from whom we can all gather a little inspiration. From her attire to her attitude, she’s simply someone to smile with as we look forward to our own wedding days.

Hairstyle: For any bride looking display her luscious, long locks, consider this hairstyle. Loosely curl long hair to add a sense of sophistication to your bridal beauty. Then consider adding a whimsical braid along the hairline. This subtle technique lets brides wear their hair down, but it keeps hair out of the face during dinner, dancing, and the first kiss.

Bridal Veil: After hair styling and makeup application, gently don the wedding dress. Then complete your bridal beauty by adding the veil. No matter the size of the veil, ask for assistance. A professional hair stylist or trustworthy bridesmaid will be able to put it properly in place, allowing you to remain calm and enjoy the moment.

Jewelry: To further customize bridal beauty, incorporate a bold piece of jewelry. This can be a bracelet, earrings, necklace, or tiara, aimed to highlight your favorite natural features. Let it give your look a little glitz while still remaining true to your personal style.

Skin and Makeup: What you wear can make you feel like a bride. But true beauty on the wedding day needs to rise from within. Don’t lose who you are as you create your wedding day look. Use natural makeup to enhance natural features, accent supple skin, and maintain a tangible connection between bridal beauty and everyday wear. To be your most beautiful, always add a smile.

Smile: Feel free to let loose a little on your wedding day. Embrace the giddiness of the moment and the butterflies in your stomach. Surround yourself with close friends and family who share your joy about your marriage, and celebrate the day’s coming events.

Shoes: Choose wedding shoes that coordinate with the gown’s level of formality.  To narrow this search, consider design, heel height, color, and embellishments.  Once you’ve found the perfect fit, practice walking and lightly dancing in your bridal shoes to ensure your comfort on your wedding day.  Lastly, polish off this step with a pedicure.

Romanticism: Be radiant for your wedding day. While this may be accented through your bridal beauty, from your hairstyle to your shoes, remember the core to this is how your feel inside. When you walk down the aisle as a radiant vision of romance and rapture, let your spirit soar. This is your wedding day. Embrace it!

* * *

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photographer: Candace Ann Photography © 2011

Bride: Laura Covington

On the bride: Hair and Makeup by Amelia C., Vintage veil by Priscilla of Boston 1970s collection, Gown by Priscilla of Boston with 175 Swarovski Crystals added by Mother-of-the-Bride Debra Hansen, Shoes by David’s Bridal, Shoe Broaches by David’s Bridal, Necklace by Paris designer Debra Moreland as purchased at Las Vegas’ Couture Bride