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A few weeks ago, my cousin asked me to be one of her bridesmaids and I was absolutely thrilled! However, I realized that I wasn’t completely sure what being a bridesmaid actually entailed. And, if was uncertain about my bridesmaid duties, then I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to share my discoveries with Bridal Spectacular readers!

Some brides may ask more of their maids, while others may want to do the majority of the planning themselves or have parents or other family who takes more of an active role. Although every wedding is different, there are many ways a bridesmaid can support the bride including the following:

Photo by Ella Gagiano Photography
Photo by Ella Gagiano Photography


Throughout the Wedding Planning

  • General Support: If the bride is stressed or needs to talk through things, bridesmaids should always try their best to be available to help and listen.
  • Plan the Bridal Parties: Bridesmaids should host the bridal shower and bachelorette party with help from fellow bridesmaids. Ask the bride for ideas of her ideal theme, and create the remainder of the details for an event she’ll love!
  • Wedding Materials: Bridesmaids should do their best to help with any pre-wedding preparations, including florists, caterers, invitations, table decorations, etc.
  • Wedding Dress Shopping: The bridesmaids should always be available for the bride’s wedding dress appointments. Remember that some brides will want your opinion on each gown while other brides will prefer to just have your presence for moral support.
  • Buy Your Bridesmaid Dress: Regardless if you like the dress or not, an obligatory bridesmaid duty is to purchase and wear the dress the bride selects for her bridesmaids. While you may want to add your opinion, remember it’s the bride’s special day.
  • Pay for Your Personal Transportation: Bridesmaids should cover the cost of their own travel to the wedding and any wedding planning appointments. This includes planes, trains, automobiles and hotels.
Photo by Altf Photography
Photo by Altf Photography


Days Before the Wedding

  • Pre-Wedding Events: Some couples will have a week’s worth of events and activities before the wedding, while others will only have a rehearsal dinner. Regardless of what the pre-wedding events are, bridesmaids should be available to attend them all.
  • Beauty Appointments: Bridesmaids can help organize and set up any wedding beauty appointments, including hair, makeup, nails, tanning, facials, etc.
  • Wedding Speeches: If a bridesmaid is selected to speak, be sure to prepare your toast in advance for both the rehearsal dinner and wedding reception.
  • Decorations: If there are any last-minute decorations, the bridesmaids should be available to help set up or delegate to a responsible party.
Photo by Ella Gagiano Photography
Photo by Ella Gagiano Photography


Day of the Wedding

  • Getting Ready: The day of the wedding, the bridesmaids should be available to get their hair and makeup done with the bride. After the bridesmaids are ready, they should focus on helping the bride with any final touches, such as putting on the veil, garter, shoes, jewelry, and bustling the gown’s train.
  • Moral Support: More than likely, the bride will be fairly nervous the day of the wedding. Bridesmaids should be there to support her and keep her calm, even if that means making multiple runs to Starbucks!
  • Never Steal the Show: While bridesmaids should feel free to be themselves, remember this isn’t your wedding. Don’t insult any of the bride’s choices. Don’t drink too much at the reception. Don’t wear your hair in a bridal-worthy up-do. The wedding is all about the bride! She needs to look her best, feel her best and know that you are there to support her.
  • During the Ceremony: Bridesmaids are photographed as part of the wedding party, seated at the head table with the bride and groom and may need to give a wedding toast and be a part of the grand entrance and/or receiving line.
  • After the Wedding: Bridesmaid can help load gifts into car (with the help of the groomsmen) and assist with any cleanup at the end of the night, if necessary.
Photo by Adam Frazier Photography
Photo by Adam Frazier Photography


Overall, a bridesmaid should be there to support and comfort the bride and make her wedding experience as fun and stress-free as possible! And, the bride will return the favor when one of her bridesmaids gets married. For more wedding planning tips and information, be sure to visit Bridal Spectacular!

Photo by Ali McGhie Photography
Photo by Ali McGhie Photography

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