Ally’s Las Vegas Wedding

Words of wisdom from a recent bride and groom.

For Brides, By Brides: Be inspired by wedding music your fellow brides have chosen


We’ve spoken with five brides to hear what songs they chose for their special wedding moments. Discover their song choices, read about their personal wedding experiences, and prepare to be inspired. With these lists and tips, you’ll have your own wedding music list before you know it! Read more…

Scratched Record Surprise: Hilarious first dance wedding videos for Las Vegas brides


It’s the day after St. Patrick’s day! In the spirit of good music, good dancing, and good times, I’d like to showcase a wedding trend that’s fast becoming a wedding tradition. Watch these hilarious videos and learn tips to create your very own funny first dance surprise for your Las Vegas wedding. Read more…

Musical Chairs, Much Cake, and Money Dancing: Las Vegas Bride’s Modern Alternatives to a Receiving Line