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Let Your Wedding Ring Shine: Compliments of this Season’s Nail Polish Colors


Even if you’re taking hand portraits to display your wedding ring, your fingernails should not be the focal point of the photo. So, what colors can you wear to compliment your ensemble while still showing your style? Here’s a look at this season’s nail polish colors for brides. Read more…

Where Weddings Are Heading: How to Get your Guests to RSVP


In the age of Internet and cell phones, many brides are asking if traditional RSVP cards are worth the postage. Money aside, are RSVP responses as reliable as they once were for an accurate head count? …What is the best way to get your guests to RSVP in the 21st century? Read more…

Better Than Phone Calls and Web Searches: Save Time Wedding Planning at Las Vegas Bridal Show


Hey, ladies! Guess what August means for brides? It’s time to see your Las Vegas wedding options, from floral arrangements to gowns to invitations to popcorn (yes, popcorn), all conveniently in one location. It’s time for Bridal Spectacular! …take it from me, once a bride-to-be just like you, that your attendance at Bridal Spectacular is worth your time, money, and energy. Read more…

More Than You Can Chew: Wedding Cake Cutting Tips


While cake cutting is one of the less stressful moments for some brides, for other girls it can become quite the task. At my Las Vegas wedding in June, I certainly underestimated my cake. My husband, Anthony, and I had rehearsed so many moments of the big day, from walking down the aisle to our first dance. Unfortunately, we forgot about the cake cutting. Soon, we found ourselves surrounded by dozens of guests at the cake table. And in that moment, as we stared uncertainly at the bottom layer of a tower of whipped cream, we realized that slicing a couple of cake pieces was quickly becoming a show-stopper…. Here are a few tips to make sure your wedding cake cutting goes smoothly. Read more…