How to Get Your Guests to RSVP

How to Get Your Guests to RSVP

Let’s face it; planning a wedding can be quite stressful and extremely time-consuming. From coordinating your bridal party, selecting your menu and choosing your perfect flowers, there is a lot of time and effort that goes into creating your big day. However, there is one task that many couples don’t plan for or may not […] Read more…

“Like” it: Facebook’s Affects on Your Las Vegas Wedding

Did anyone else read about the groom who updated his Facebook relationship status at the altar? From personal experience, here are my top five ways Facebook can impact your Las Vegas wedding planning. Read more…

The Future is Here: Bride’s Guide to Online RSVPs (Part 2)

You’re the bride who’s immersed in technology, from social networking to work-related Internet research. Naturally, you’ve chosen to skip traditional return-by-snail-mail RSVPs in favor of the new online RSVPs…. You’re going to let your guests RSVP through a wedding Web site. Read more…

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