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Wedding Terms 101: Ceremonies & Receptions

Wedding Terms 101: Ceremonies & Receptions

In our last few blogs, we at Bridal Spectacular covered the top wedding terms when it comes to wedding planning, invitations, wedding gowns, flowers, catering and cakes — oh my!  Now, we have finally made it to the last installment of Wedding Terms 101, the wedding ceremony and reception. We hope these blogs have helped […] Read more…

Chivalry at its best: On what side does the bride stand for a wedding ceremony and why?

Know why brides stand to their grooms’ left at wedding ceremonies? Discover what started it all (complete with a tale of medieval drama), and learn how you can customize this based on your preferences, religion, or cultural traditions. Read more…

Get married at Angel Park Golf Club, a beautiful Las Vegas wedding venue with experienced service

Host your Las Vegas weddings at Angel Park Golf Club. Discover this Summerlin wedding venue with natural landscapes, a customizable clubhouse, and a view of Vegas city lights. Read more…

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