Bridal Spectacular

Brides beware there are deceptive advertising practices going on right now designed to manipulate your decisions to attend a bridal show. As the producer of Las Vegas’ longest running bridal show, I never felt it necessary in the past to talk about being the largest or use similar adjectives.  Unfortunately, because there are other shows out there right now claiming to be the best, the largest, showing blue ribbons they never won, and other exagerated claims, you are going to have to weed through what is true and what is not.

As an experienced bridal show producer of 27 years and a charter member and board member of Bridal Show Producers International, I can tell you bridal shows will save you time and money, you will get the help you need to make a myriad of decisions.  The fact is even a smaller bridal show will help, they will just have less vendors.  All these superlatives just aren’t necessary and I’m sorry I’m being forced to say we are, in fact, the largest and have been since 1991.

We got to be the most comprehensive and most respected bridal event by working hard at producing the kind of event you want to see.  We regularly survey you so that you keep us up to date on what you want and need.  Vendors trust us to treat every vendor with the same set of rules and guidelines to produce the best bridal show experience for you.  We can’t and won’t do it for free, because free won’t bring you the quality of vendors you want.

This is what 1,000 brides we recently surveyed said about our show in comparison to other bridal shows they had attended.  We think this is the best way to let you know what other brides have found to be the best bridal show experience.

92% of 1,000 brides surveyed had attended The Bridal Spectacular

42% attended Friday night and 57% attended Saturday (other shows are 1 day shows)

30% of brides who attended our show had attended another bridal show

92% of those brides preferred The Bridal Spectacular over any other bridal show (most of the other 8% had missed our show)

This is what they said about our show:

17.8%  Exceeded my expectations

60%  Everything I needed was there

20%  Said we could use a few more vendors (we had 160)

0% Said it was not worth attending

This is what they said about the other shows:

3.4%  Exceeded my expectations

11%   Everything I needed was there

18%  Said they needed more vendors  (Approx 105 were there)

34%  Said not worth attending

So you be the judge and we hope you see that Las Vegas brides agree we are the bridal show not to be missed.   (Standing up here!)

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