Hey, ladies! Guess what Summer means for brides? It’s time to see your Las Vegas wedding options, from floral arrangements to gowns to invitations to popcorn (yes, popcorn), all conveniently in one location. It’s time for Bridal Spectacular!

Now, why would you want to attend a bridal show? After all, there’s going to be thousands of people, and rubbing shoulders with that many engaged couples just isn’t your cup of joe for a Saturday morning. Well, that’s what I thought too when I first heard about bridal shows. But take it from me, once a bride-to-be just like you, that your attendance at Bridal Spectacular is worth your time, money, and energy.

In January, I attended Bridal Spectacular for my first time. With my surprisingly good-spirited groom and a couple members of our bridal party, I took my place in a long line of excited girls and grooms, all waiting for the Cashman Center’s doors to open Saturday morning. As always, Bridal Spectacular began precisely on time, and the entry process was expedited to bring us into the show with hardly any waiting.

Happy Couple at Bridal Spectacular
    My groom and I at Bridal Spectacular

When I arrived at the registration station, I was greeted by friendly staff and given an adorable heart-shaped sticker, reading “Bride-To-Be,” as well as a free pink tote bag. In addition, like every bride-to-be who attended, I received a year’s subscription to Brides magazine for free and a Spectacular Bride wedding guide. Well, if that wasn’t enough, I also won a door prize of an exquisite 17”x22” frame from Studio ATG. And I wasn’t the only one to win. Upon entry, the first 100 brides won a gift from one of the hundreds of Bridal Spectacular vendors. Now, there was the price of my ticket right there in these door prizes, and I hadn’t been inside for more than four minutes.

Throughout the day, I was free to wander at will, roaming the aisles to see my options and stopping at eye-catching booths to have personal conversations with quality Las Vegas wedding vendors. In one day, I accomplished more wedding planning than I had in the past month. This was all made possible by the convenience of Bridal Spectacular.

Before I knew about Bridal Spectacular, I spent days and days looking for Las Vegas wedding venues by making phone calls, searching Web sites, and driving miles across the city. If I had only waited for Bridal Spectacular instead of trying to find a place on my own, I could have saved myself hours of research and dozens of dollars from the therapeutic ice cream runs I had to make after wasted work days. I’m serious when I tell you Bridal Spectacular is so worth attending.

In January, at Bridal Spectacular, I not only found the perfect DJ for my wedding, I also found my florist, my invitations consultant, and my bridesmaids’ dress designs. That’s a lot of accomplishments for a single day. I can only imagine what more I would have discovered if I had also attended the Friday night exhibit.

Brides, make the most of your time before the big day. Buy your tickets today to Bridal Spectacular, and prepare to find everything you’ve been looking for.

(Author: Allyson Siwajian)

Cakes by Albertson's
Cakes by Albertson’s
Invitations by Lola Felli
Invitations by Lola Felli
Naakiti Floral Design, Inc.
Naakiti Floral Design, Inc.
The Secret Garden Country Club
The Secret Garden Country Club


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