“Flawless skin on your wedding day is what you want,” Michele Velasco, a Bare Escentuals representative, said at the “Rethink the Quickie” van at Bridal Spectacular’s latest bridal show. Without a doubt, this is one bit of advice that’s vital to your wedding day.

Free "make-unders" at the Bare Escentuals van at Bridal Spectacular.
Free “make-unders” given at Bare Escentuals van at Bridal Spectacular.

You want flawless skin for your photos that may become heirlooms. You want flawless skin for your walk down the aisle, the moment all eyes will be on you. You want flawless skin for the reception, as you’ll be dancing the night away without having to worry about running to the restroom for a touch up. And you want flawless skin for the duration of the evening when you’re face to face with the man you love.

Women, we know the importance of looking our best. We do our own makeup everyday. Whether it’s just a little blush and mascara or a full-fledged face of foundation, bronzer, lipstick, eye shadows, and liner, we’ve got it down. So why would you want to hire a professional for your wedding day makeup when you have all the equipment at home?

Brides know the importance of looking their best.
Even if you use makeup daily, it’s not worth the stress for your wedding.

First, you don’t want any mistakes. If you’re in charge of your own makeup, you’re going to have a hard time knowing when to stop. You want to look your best that day, so it’s hard to stop seeing your imperfections in the process. Letting someone else step in certainly helps.

Sure, you could let your friend do your makeup. But just because she knows how to makeup her face doesn’t mean she’s an expert on your face. While dark green smoky eyes may look hot on her, they might make your eyes look too small, too dark, or too close together. You want to come out of your makeup session looking like a bride, not a prom queen. Not to mention, you don’t want to become bridezilla if you don’t like what you see in the mirror. By letting a wedding professional complete your bridal beauty, you’ll find your facial structure, eye color, skin tone, and more are taken into consideration by a specialist who will let you feel like the most beautiful bride.

Second, you should relax on your wedding day, rather than stress over the details. As one of the most important days of your life, you deserve to enjoy your wedding day. Let yourself be pampered. You’ve already done enough work preparing for this day. Use this time to rejuvenate, as you realize the long haul of wedding planning is about to come to fruition.  Close your eyes, lets your thoughts drift, and enjoy the moment.

Let a beauty expert make you a beautiful bride.
Let a beauty expert make you a beautiful bride.

Third, the makeup that works for daily life is different than what works on camera. Highlighting and contouring factor into this, but so do the makeup’s ingredients. Most makeup products contain titanium dioxide to protect your skin from sun exposure. While this is an excellent idea for Las Vegas brides, this mineral can make your skin appear white in photographs, due to the reflective camera flash. Makeup containing titanium dioxide isn’t inherently bad. It just needs to be properly applied. To ensure makeup is applied accurately with photography in mind, hire a beautician. She can blend your makeup to match your skin tone, which is especially important with the amount of skin on your shoulders, chest, and neck that your dress may be revealing.

If you decide to have mistakes-free, rejuvenating, camera-appropriate beauty for your wedding day, contact a wedding professional that best suits your needs. Make sure to book a consultation or trial-run in advance. Whether you’re looking for mineral makeup, liquid and powder, or airbrush application, view Bridal Spectacular’s website for links and contact information to the best licensed beauty professionals, hair stylists, and make-up artists in Las Vegas.

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Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2010

Photo Credit: Adam Frazier Photography, Jamison Frady of Quiet Art Photography, and Allyson Siwiajian of Bridal Spectacular © 2010