Imagine it’s your Las Vegas wedding day. You’re at the wedding venue, gazing at yourself in the mirror as you slip into your shoes. Your hair is styled, your nails polished, your bridesmaids are smiling, and your eyes are glistening. Everything is perfect. So perfect in fact that small, cartoon birds are chirping as they flutter alight your shoulders. And then you begin to sing, like a princess in a lovely Disney movie.

Okay. So maybe that’s not how it goes.

Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life. However, the pre-wedding preparation stresses many brides. Fortunately, we have several tips to help your wedding day run smoothly. With the right atmosphere and all the preparations in place, you can relax, laugh, and enjoy your wedding day even before the ceremony.

Have fun with your girl friends!

1). No planning allowed.
The best way to cure stress is to avoid wedding planning on your wedding day. Unless you intend to elope or have a destination wedding, take this day to enjoy yourself. Don’t pack for your honeymoon. Don’t drive to pick up the wedding cake. Don’t assemble the flowers yourself at the reception. Instead, if it’s in your budget, let wedding professionals do the job for you. As professionals, they do excellent work. If it is absolutely not possible to pay a professional, politely ask a trustworthy friend or family member in advance for their help with wedding day set-up. Save yourself the stress. Focus on you, your bridal beauty, and your peace of mind.

2). Invite the girls over to your place.
Spend your last moments as a single lady with your best girl friends and past roommates. Invite between two to ten girls, depending on whether you like close, quiet company or the festive fun of the whole gang. With the girls around, you’ll focus on your friends, instead of worrying about what may go wrong at your wedding. Their presence sets a light-hearted mood that will keep your nerves at bay all day. Also, if you have close friends who aren’t bridesmaids, then this time will let them feel invited, special, and connected to you on your wedding day too.

3). Eat a light, filling meal.
Even if you think you’ll look better in your gown by skipping a meal, you’re not allowed to forego food on your wedding day. Many brides who skip meals feel shaky during the ceremony. So eat a light meal before you walk the aisle. The goal is to fill your belly without eating foods that cause bloating. For breakfast, try yogurt and berries. If you’re a hearty eater, enjoy a bowl of your favorite cereal. For lunch, try a chicken salad or a sandwich.

Hire a professional hair stylist.

4). Enjoy your favorite tunes.
Whether you want to celebrate or relax, music is the key. Turn the radio to your favorite station, or listen to your favorite playlist. Then, enjoy the day’s moments as they pass and look forward to the moment you’ve been planning for months.

5). Let someone else take care of your hair, nails, and make-up.
While many brides would like to do their own make-up, hair, and manicures, this may become stressful. Since it’s your special day, you’re going to want to look your best. Unfortunately, this often means you’re going to be overly critical. Rather than worry about making a mistake, let yourself be pampered. Hire a make-up artist, or ask for a friend’s or sister’s help. Visit a salon for relaxing mani-pedi treatments. Ask a hair stylist to make a home visit for a do with no mistakes that will hold up all day long. Then, with your girlfriends at your place, you can even host a bridal beauty party and have your hair stylist fix your friends’ hair too.

6). Bring all the little necessities with you to the venue.
At the wedding venue, you’re not going to have the comforts of home around you, unless you bring them with you. Bring a small travel bag or make-up kit with all your wedding day necessities and emergency items. These can include: make-up, bobby pins, Q-tips, tissues, nail file, nail polish, lip stick, lip gloss, chap stick, toothbrush, toothpaste, safety pins, sewing kit, jewelry, slip, deodorant, lotion, and spare shoes (in case of a broken heel or tired feet). Depending on the time of year, you may want to add additional items. For example, some Las Vegas brides have coated their thighs in baby powder to prevent sweating in the hot summer months. Of course, this list will change with each bride as she customizes it. Prior to your wedding day, prepare your list and plan to bring all your must-have items with you. Arrange for a bridesmaid or family member to take home your bag of goodies, so you won’t have to trek your sewing kit to the honeymoon suite.

Las Vegas brides, you deserve a stress-free wedding day, from start to finish. So plan ahead and prepare for the happiest moments of your life. With your focus on relaxation and good times, you’ll be able to enjoy your Las Vegas wedding from the moment you wake to the last dance of your reception.

(Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2010)

(Photo credit: Jamison Frady of Quiet Art Photography © 2010)