Every bride wants to be the most beautiful woman at her wedding. I am no exception. When I walk down the aisle, I want my presence to capture my groom’s gaze as well as his heart. For many of us brides, we often hope to accomplish this as we focus on the most daunting aspect of bridal beauty—the wedding gown. But with so many options for wedding dresses, how is a Las Vegas bride supposed to find the best fit? How are we each supposed to find one dress, the dress, that will make us look our very best? How can we make our guests smile, our groom gawk, and ourselves feel absolutely radiant?

Discover: What defines you?

First, you’ll want to look at your body type. Learn what defines you and embrace your beauty. But here’s the catch, ladies. This isn’t an opportunity to stand in front of a mirror and criticize our bodies for all our shortcomings. If I looked in the mirror and only pointed out my overly broad shoulders, my short legs, or my itty bitty bust size, I wouldn’t have any fun at all while trying on wedding gowns. Instead, we brides have to stand before mirror and beat all the bad presuppositions we have about our bodies.

We have to embrace that we’re women, we’re getting married and, dang, we’re beautiful! Point out what you like about yourself. Get your groom involved too. He’d probably love the chance to look at your gorgeous self and tell you what he finds so hot and attractive. Mentally take note of everything you like and what he loves too.

Have a nice butt? Proud of your bust? Love your waist? How about your collarbone and neckline? Have a distinct height? A beautiful soft back? Flawless skin? Killer calves? Voluptuous curves? Strong arms? Huggable hips? Striking shoulders? What defines you? Discover your favorite features, and decide to accentuate them.

I felt so beautiful at my wedding!

Love your body type.

It may seem like a tough challenge, Las Vegas brides. But the most difficult part of choosing your wedding dress isn’t flipping through magazines or ripping through store racks. It’s about learning to love yourself when you look in the mirror. It’s about being confident in who you are as a person while learning to see yourself as your groom will see you on your wedding day. You are beautiful. You are unique. You are loved. Believe it, and take it with you to the wedding gown shops.

Choose the best gown for your features.

Once you know what you want to accentuate about your beautiful body, you can decide what will best fit you. While Las Vegas bridal shops offer wedding gowns on the racks and in magazines, you may want to consider what shapes and styles you like before you step through the store’s door. Feel free to ask bridal store consultants for help if you’re not sure what would look best. Also, be bold and try on styles that you may have never before considered. You might be surprised with what you find!

Want to discover the next steps to choosing your ideal wedding gown for your Las Vegas wedding? Visit the blog later this week for details on wedding gown silhouettes and specific styles!

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2010

Photographs provided by Debra Hansen of Bridal Spectacular (first photo features Laura Hansen) and Jamison Frady of Quiet Art Photography (second photo features Allyson Siwajian) © 2010