Who will walk me down the aisle is often the question many brides will ponder.

“Who walks me down the aisle?” As times continue to change and weddings become more personalized, Las Vegas brides are asking: Who walks me down the aisle? We all know the traditional answer. Look at any wedding ceremony processional guide, and you’ll find the bride is escorted by her father. Today’s bride has many more options! For brides with fathers at home, the walk down the aisle will be one of your most memorable moments as Dad gives his little girl away.  But what about brides or grooms who don’t have a “traditional” family? Who should they choose to walk with them down the aisle?

Walking down the aisle Spectacular Bride
Walking down the aisle toward your guests and groom is always special!

Brides in any circumstance deserve to feel radiant as they walk down the aisle at their Las Vegas weddings. As a cornerstone of the ceremony, this walk lets the bride make her wedding day debut special and memorable. Naturally, Las Vegas brides, you want someone with you who will make you feel confident and calm as you take steps into a new phase of life.  That special person could be your mom or dad.  If your parents are not available to walk you down the aisle for whatever reason, embrace your identity as a modern bride.

What to do and how to choose who will walk the aisle with you varies from bride to bride. However, to start your decision process, I spoke with several brides who had non traditional aisle walks to see what they would recommend.

Bride Recommendations:

  • If your father and/or mother raised you, let either of them or both of them walk you down the aisle.  Having Dad or Mom walk with you and give you to your fiance at the altar may be a powerful symbol for you. When they let go of your hand, you are becoming one with your fiance.
  • When you love and respect both your step parents and your parents, include them both. Have your step dad or mom walk you halfway down the aisle to meet your other parent. Then let mom or dad walk you the rest of the way and give your hand to your groom.
  • If your biological father is rarely involved in your life but your stepfather has been consistently supportive of you, don’t feel pressured into choosing your biological father. Walk down the aisle with the Dad or Mom who raised you, loves you, and supports you.
  • If your parents passed away before the wedding, walk with someone else who is special to you, like a grandparent, sister or brother. You may prefer to walk solo for any number of reasons and there is nothing wrong with that either.  The tradition of walking with Dad is simply a beloved tradition, choosing an option that fits your life is perfectly fine.
  • If you’d rather walk alone, be certain that you’re confident in this decision. Consider your motives, your family’s wishes, and your happiness. If you’re independent and can gather all the support you need from guests and your fiance, then go for it! But if you’d rather have someone at your side to support you, then explain this to your family and explore compromises.

These instances are only a small sample of instances faced by modern Las Vegas brides. With each circumstance comes a family and their emotions too. You have to find what works for you. Whether you walk down the aisle alone or you have a “father” figure, be comfortable with your decision. When you’re at peace, you can focus on why you are walking the aisle–for your groom and new beginnings. Want to see a fuller list of scenarios to find what may best fit you? See our page “Who Walks You Down the Aisle?” in the “Wedding Tips” section of Bridal Spectacular’s main website.

Revised:  August 2015 Debra Hansen

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