Get excited, Las Vegas brides and grooms! This week brings Las Vegas’ best and biggest bridal show back to Cashman Convention Center to meet all your Las Vegas wedding planning needs. To ring in the 20year anniversary of the Bridal Spectacular bridal show, local television show “MORE” on Fox 5 Las Vegas invited Bridal Spectacular and friends for this week’s “MORE Matrimony” special features.

In this morning’s interview, the very same one you saw advertised last night during American Idol, Ty Hansen and Laura Hansen spoke about what defines this January’s Bridal Spectacular bridal show. Beginning with a display of vintage wedding gowns all the way to details of Inspiration Avenue and award-winning fashion shows, this professional brother and sister team give you the details of Bridal Spectacular for January 21-22, 2011. Also, discover even more exciting news—one of these two is getting married this year! Watch this video to find out who’s getting hitched and how that will affect her experience at this year’s Bridal Spectacular. Get excited as you view this video to learn what you can expect from Bridal Spectacular’s 20th Anniversary bridal show and how you can accomplish Las Vegas wedding planning through this bridal show’s one-stop shopping.

Watch Las Vegas Bridal Spectacular on “MORE.”

To kick off this special event, Bridal Spectacular saw not one, but two interviews with “MORE” hosts this morning. Following an interview with Bridal Spectacular team members Ty Hansen and Laura Hansen, “MORE” host Monica Jackson interviewed Gordon Parker of Bear’s Best Golf Club Las Vegas. As one of the many vendors you can find for your Las Vegas wedding at this weekend’s Bridal Spectacular bridal show, Bear’s Best presents all-inclusive packages to make your wedding planning easy and affordable, without losing any of your specifications. In this video, Gordon explains what Bear’s Best offers to Las Vegas brides, from gourmet food to ceremony and reception details. Then he shares a funny story of one hilarious wedding day prank to show how you can truly specialize your wedding at Bear’ Best and take any tone you’d like, from formal and sophisticated to theatrical and entertaining.

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(Author: Allyson Siwajian)