Only one weekend ago, Las Vegas bride Jasmine and her groom Christian attended Bridal Spectacular’s bridal show to discover their options for wedding vendors and to gather ideas for wedding decor.

Meet Christian and Jasmine.

With their wedding scheduled for May 6, 2012, this glowing couple came to Bridal Spectacular to begin to find, as Jasmine said, “inspiration on decorating for our reception, tux rentals, florists, photo booths.” She smiled and laughed as she glanced toward the vendor booths, then added, “and whatever else we didn’t think of that we’ll probably see.”

Like many engaged couples, Christian and Jasmine were newcomers to the bridal show experience.

“I’d never even heard of anything like this ‘til I proposed,” Christian said as he looked around the Inspiration Avenue pavilion. “It’s all new.”

Only a half hour into the bridal show, they were already impressed. They had won a $50 discount on a tuxedo, and they were looking forward to what else the bridal show held for them Saturday afternoon.

“There’s a little bit of everything,” groom Christian said about Bridal Spectacular’s bridal show. “It’s the auto show for married people.”

Speak to vendors to learn about their services.

With a grand selection of high-quality vendors, wedding décor displays, and the latest wedding apparel of all styles and sizes, the 20th Anniversary Bridal Spectacular bridal show offered opportunities for every Las Vegas bride and groom.

For Christian and Jasmine, the tuxedos, photo booths, florists, and décor inspiration were only the beginning.

If you’re a bride in the early stages of wedding planning, like Christian and Jasmine, be sure to visit the Bridal Spectacular bridal show. Brainstorm ideas for your wedding before the show, like Jasmine did. Then come to Bridal Spectacular to let you realize your Las Vegas wedding’s full potential.

Just like Christian’s auto show comparison implies, at Bridal Spectacular’s bridal show you’ll find all the best deals, see the most creative designs, both modern and classic, and discover all your options before making a purchase. Then, with a smile on your face and your groom on your arm, you’ll enjoy your bridal show experience and watch your wedding planning come together.

Find decor for traditional and modern weddings.

Trust your Las Vegas wedding day will be all you’ve dreamed, with the Bridal Spectacular at your side. For more information about the Bridal Spectacular bridal show, visit our website Then make plans to attend our next show in August.

Now you can also view Bridal Spectacular’s online resources. Review recommended high-quality vendors in Las Vegas through our website, order a print copy of Spectacular Bride wedding planning guide, and learn wedding planning tips and trends through our “Las Vegas Wedding Blog.”

With Bridal Spectacular, you’ll have all you need to be a spectacular bride for your upcoming Las Vegas wedding day!

Author and Photo Credit: Allyson Siwajian © 2011