“It’s beautiful,” recent bride Elizabeth said about last weekend’s Bridal Spectacular bridal show. “There’s all these ideas, stuff I’d never even thought of.”

Elizabeth liked the bold decor of Inspiration Avenue.

Although Elizabeth recently married in a civil ceremony, she is currently planning a beautiful destination wedding to celebrate with friends and family at a church ceremony and reception in San Diego, Calif. Through her Bridal Spectacular bridal show experience, she gathered ideas for her upcoming reception’s décor.

“I like the way they’re doing these lights,” Elizabeth said about the twinkle lights strung across the canopy top of Inspiration Avenue. “And I guess the newest thing is the branches,” she said about the Manzanita branch décor interwoven into wedding reception vignettes. “I like it. I’m so taken by it,” she said as she admired a nearby display.

Elizabeth’s best friend and fellow bridal show attendee Jeani agreed. “It definitely does step away from the traditional,” she said with a smile.

Elizabeth discovered her wedding muse through the modern décor of this season’s Inspiration Avenue. This aisle of the bridal show is dedicated to inspiring brides through mock-ups of decorated reception tables, ceremony arches, wedding gowns, floral arrangements, and full-scale reception areas, including dance floors and photo booths. But this bride also appreciated the traditional touches Inspiration Avenue had to offer.

The vintage gown display adds a traditional element.

“Those vintage dresses,” she said about the gown display near the entrance. “Gosh, they’re just gorgeous.”

From classic to eclectic, the wedding décor displayed at Bridal Spectacular gave this destination bride exactly what she came to the bridal show to find.

“This bridal show—it’s beautiful,” Elizabeth said before she continued through Bridal Spectacular’s Inspiration Avenue. “And fun. It’s a lot of fun.”

As Elizabeth’s experience confirmed, Bridal Spectacular lets both destination brides and Las Vegas brides discover wedding inspiration for any stage of wedding planning. Also, this bridal show provides an experience that can be enjoyed whether or not a bride is hosting a Las Vegas wedding.

Jeanie and bride Elizabeth enjoyed the bridal show!

Want to hear more perspectives from real brides? Check back next week to hear more testimonials about Bridal Spectacular’s bridal show, and learn what brides and grooms at all stages of wedding planning have to say about this season’s Bridal Spectacular bridal show!

Special thanks to all the design contributors of Inspiration Avenue! Brides, if you like the decor featured in this article’s photographs, contact decor designers CLM Weddings and Enchanted Florist for your Las Vegas weddings.

Author and Photo Credit: Allyson Siwajian © 2011