Not all Las Vegas weddings have to have a wild and crazy bachelorette party. For my pre-marital celebration I just wanted to get some well deserved rest and relaxation. My best friend and my brother, who doubles as my man of honor, helped me pull together a whole day of poolside festivities.

Private Cabana at the M Resort, Las Vegas, NV

First order of business was to settle into our cozy private cabana at the M Resort and set up a perfect spring theme: Lemons! Why lemons? Any of my friends and family know that I have loved lemons since birth, plus what’s better for a hot vegas day than a tall, cold glass of lemonade! So we pulled it together with a lemon flavored cake, lemon decor, a lemon floral arrangement, lemon jello shots, and a lemon themed apparel contest.

Live, Laugh, Love & Lemons

We had a delicious cake from Pastry Palace. Lemon flavored cake with lemon filling was topped with whip cream frosting and fondant. Lemon blossoms and Lemons adorned the top of the cake with the ridiculous inscription: “When life gives you lemons, Get Married!!!”

Setting the mood

A popular treat that really pulled the whole theme together was the Lemon Jello shots. Two of my bridesmaids and I had a blast making them the night before. The Jello shots are actually in real lemon rinds so they look like real lemon slices. All my friends and even the strangers the next cabana over enjoyed them immensely!

Lemon Jello shots
These treats are easy to make.

I’m sure you are wondering how much does a private cabana party cost? The whole event came up to $1000, but that included everything: Cabana, 2 bottle services, snacks, dinner, cake, & gratuity! Each of my guests pitched in $80 and by they end of the day they felt that their money was well spent.

The whole day was fantastic relaxing in our cabana, private jacuzzi, and the M’s elegant pool followed by dinner at Buca Di Beppo. I would not have traded it for a night out on the town and wait in line for pricey clubs. It was just what I needed for my bachelorette party. So if you are an overachieving, hard working, DIY bride who needs some R&R. This may be just the party for you!

Private Jacuzzi
Enjoy a private Jacuzzi in your Cabana

For additional options for where you can have a relaxing beach day for your bachelorette party,  visit our website or attend The Bridal Spectacular, Las Vegas’ largest bridal show coming your way soon.

3 in the jacuzzi
Smiling faces