“Hello. This is your favorite bridal boutique. We’re just calling to let you know that your bridal gown is ready and available for pick-up at your earliest convenience.” Yes! You’ve been waiting six months for that phone message. Finally, your wedding gown has arrived! Whew, and to think you were beginning to wonder if it’d been forgotten in a warehouse somewhere back East.

Las Vegas brides, when you find out your bridal gown has arrived in store, it’s time for one final appointment at the dress shop—the final gown fitting. Ideally, you should plan this appointment to take place two to four weeks before your wedding day. Call the wedding dress store where you ordered your gown, and arrange an appointment time when their seamstresses or dressmakers will be available.

My seamstress adjusted my gown to be the exact length I needed. Lovely!

For the day of the fitting, arrive at your appointment on time. Be sure to bring your wedding shoes with you, and also wear your wedding undergarments to ensure that the gown will fit properly in every way for your special day.

Communicate with your seamstress to tell her any special needs or concerns for the gown. This isn’t the time to decide you want a different bodice. Rather, it’s a time to tell the seamstress how she can adjust small details of the dress to make it fit perfectly. For example: “I had to choose shoes with one-inch less of a heel; can you please hem the skirt?” or “Would you please color-code the bustle loops to make it easier for my bridesmaids?” Be courteous and work with your seamstress to ensure you both have a similar vision for any last minutes touches that may need to be completed.

If your gown fits just as you envisioned, then you’re one lucky bride. If not, you may need to allow the seamstress a few days to make minor modifications. Either way, before you leave the dress shop, ask yourself these three questions to ensure you’ll have a carefree experience on with your gown on your wedding day.

  1. Can I dance in this gown? Make sure it’s not too long, too loose or too tight. If necessary, make adjustments.
  2. Do I understand the bustle system? If a bridesmaid plans to assist with the bustle, then bring her to your final fitting. She’ll be able to ask questions and learn exactly how to bustle your gown’s train quickly before the Grand Entrance.
  3. Can my gown be steamed? If so, where? You’ll want to wear a gown without wrinkles for the wedding day. Ask about the bridal shop’s steaming processes, as well as special instructions if you plan to steam it yourself.

Once you’ve handled these details, your wedding gown will be perfect for you. You’ll feel the best fit, and you’ll glow from within to bring life and beauty to the most spectacular bride—you!

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Author: Allyson Siwajian

Photograph provided by Allyson Siwajian