Mmmm, edible party favors just hit the spot. Brides and guests agree: From candy to coffee, a party favor that can be used, not just forgotten on a shelf or tossed in the trash, makes for the best kind of wedding give-back gift.  More often than not, edible favors tend to fall into that category. Brides like them for their affordability and easy assembly, and guests love to receive a parting gift with a little bit of use and a whole lot of thought.

Brides, I’m sure you and your guests have already seen candy distributed as wedding party favors. But have you experienced the personal touch through customized candy? Recently, M&M’S Candies released a new wedding trend that allows brides and grooms to customize their candy, just as they would any other part of their special day. With photos of the bride and groom and even special messages, these M&M’S give your guests more than one reason to be excited about their favors.

Want to see how personalizing M&M’S wedding candy works? So did I. This morning, I visited the MY M&M’S Wedding Website and tried the process myself. Take a look at this walk-through demonstration to discover the secret to customized candy.

Step one: Select your candy colors. With up to three color choices, you can include your wedding colors in your party favor package.

Step One: Choose your colors!

Step two: Personalize your candies with images, clip art, and messages. Yes, you can be featured on an M&M! Upload photos of you and your fiancé to be printed on candy. Also, feel free to use provided clip art (roses, champagne glasses, hearts, and more), and type your own messages too!

Step Two: Customize the images and words! (Wow! I'm on an M&M!)

Step three: Choose your candies’ packaging. From clear plastic baggies to elegant drawstring pouches, M&M’S Candies offers a wide variety of packaging opportunities to fit many budgets.

Step Three: Choose your party favor packaging!

Step four: Complete your order. As with any online order, you’ll need to finish off your creative design by providing the details for quantity, shipping, billing, etc.

Step Four: Complete your order!

Brides, while you will have to pay for the cost of personalizing your party favors, if it’s within your budget, this trend is worth it. Visit M&M’S website to customize your own candies and even order a trial bag as you make your decision. For your Las Vegas weddings, you can spark conversation, give a gift, and invite guests to celebrate with you on your special day with a creative wedding party favor they’ll always remember.

Would you like to learn about more opportunities for Las Vegas wedding party favors? Visit Bridal Spectacular’s website, and view our “Wedding Services” tab. You’ll discover local companies that can help you create exactly the gift you’re looking to give guests.

Author: Allyson Siwajian

Photographs courtesy of M&M’S Candies, My M&M’s Wedding website. Please visit their website at