Writing thank-you notes can be a daunting task for any bride. Now not to say that we brides aren’t thankful for the gifts we received. We’ll never forget the generosity of our guests for our Las Vegas weddings! But for one reason or another after the honeymoon, any final wedding-related tasks tend to be tossed to the wayside.

Add an extra element to your wedding's entrance table.

Brides, for all the reasons we don’t want to put pen to paper, we must write those thank-you cards. Nobody can write the cards for you; these notes need to come from the heart. But somebody can help you shorten the process with the envelopes. Want to know how it works?

Today take a look at this new wedding planning tip for thank-you notes. As a perfect complement to a casual wedding, this tip will save you time, stop the stress, and ensure that all your thank-you cards make it to the right address. Review these steps below and feel free to customize the process to fit your own wedding’s style!

Let your Guests Address the Envelopes:

1.  Before your wedding, set your thank-you card envelopes in neat, small stacks beside the guest book.
2.  Place three to four pens on the table. These pens work double-duty for the guest book and the envelopes.
3.  Create a directions card for guests, and place it near the envelopes. Consider an oversized place card or even a framed printed piece of paper, complete with a design that matches your wedding décor.
4.  On your directions card, print a message similar to this: “Guests, please address one envelope with your name (or your family’s name) in the TO: section. Then place it in the box to your right. This will give us your most updated information to ensure you receive your thank-you notes at the right address in record time! Thanks for your help! Love, The Bride and Groom.”
5.  Include a box where guests can deposit their addressed envelopes. Tailor this box to your wedding’s style. You could use a cute wicker basket, an elegant birdcage, or even a vintage hatbox. Be sure to affix a small note “Please place addressed envelopes here.”
6.  Invite a close friend or family member to assist guests with this process before the ceremony and during the cocktail hour. Guests will feel more comfortable with someone to show them the steps, and they’ll be more likely to participate.

Brides, enjoy your newlywed days. But don't forget to finish the essentials. That includes sending your thank-you notes soon. 😉

With these six easy steps, you’ll give guests an opportunity to assist you in the thank-you note process. No card will go to the wrong address, and you won’t have to spend time staring at the invite list to accurately write each number and properly spell all street names. That’s a lot of time saved and stress avoided for a newlywed bride!

Now, Las Vegas brides, it’s up to you to finish the process.  Start to write your thank-you notes and send them as you as you return from the honeymoon. The faster you finish, the better you and your guests will feel. Let them know how much you appreciate their gift, their attendance, and their generosity!

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Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photographer: Jamison Frady of Quiet Art Photography © 2010 (Images used by permission.)

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