Strawberry shortcake. Chocolate ganache. Lemon meringue. With the vast variety of flavors available in Las Vegas wedding cake stores today, your taste buds will be craving your chosen cake flavor from the moment you taste the sample in store. But while you and your groom’s mouths are watering for more of your favorite flavor, you’ll need to make a few additional decisions for your wedding cake. Before your wedding day, review these cake questions and share your answers with the wedding bakery of your choice.

These cake designs are prepared by Albertson's. Meet their bakery team at the next Bridal Spectacular.

Wedding Cake Questions to Consider:

1. What cake shape would you like? While square cakes may feed more mouths, round cakes may add a classic element that fits your décor. Most importantly, review photos of wedding cakes first to see what styles strikes your fancy.

2. How many cake tiers would you like? Ask your bakery for an approximation of how many people will be fed for each tier, based on their usual slices or serving sizes. Then do the math to see how many layers you’ll need to give every wedding guest a taste of this delectable dessert while keeping your ideal tier number in mind for design.

3. What design or style would you like? Even cakes can be customized. Match your cake’s design to the style of your wedding décor. This may include color scheme, floral preferences, and detailing. Bring photographs or drawings of your ideas to the bakery and work with them for your ultimate cake creation.

4. Would you like to keep your cake’s top tier for your first anniversary? According to tradition, a bride and groom save their wedding cake’s top tier in their home freezer to enjoy on their first anniversary. Whether or not you’d like to indulge in this tradition, inform your baker and account for the slices gained or lost in the cost and design.

These cakes were prepared by Pastry Palace, as seen at Bridal Spectacular's bridal show.

5. What cake toppers can your bakery provide? Can you add your own? Look for a cake topper that fits either (1) the relationship between you and your groom with figurines, (2) the wedding décor theme, or (3) the symbol that most speaks to you and your groom (monograms, bows, wedding bells, faux flowers, bird sculptures, Vegas dice, or additional shapes).

6. What will your cake cost? Find out what your cake shape and design will cost. Be sure to view the total and the breakdown of the prices. If necessary, adjust to fit your budget before signing a contract.

7. Who delivers the cake? Organize who will be delivering the cake to the venue—the bakery or you. Include this detail, plus any additional costs and delivery times, in your cake contract.

8. What flavors can you choose? When is that lip-smacking cake tasting time? Bring your groom to this wedding planning appointment, as it’s an opportunity he won’t want to miss. At the cake tasting, take time to sample multiple cake flavors, complete with various icings and fillings. You’ll love learning the possibilities your baker can create!

Have additional questions about your wedding cake? Call a local specialist. You can find contact information for bakeries and additional wedding professionals on Bridal Spectacular’s wedding planning website through the “Wedding Services” tab. Schedule a consultation with a bakery whose cake style fits your taste, and begin the sweetest phase of your Las Vegas wedding planning!

Author: Allyson Siwajian

Photographer: Allyson Siwajian