“It’s not for the prices. It’s his passion. He loves this,” Marylou said about her husband Lorenz Crespo, chief photographer of LorenzFoto, with a gentle smile and an adoring look.

When I met Lorenz Crespo and his wife Marylou at the most recent Bridal Spectacular bridal show, I was instantly struck by their passion and their pursuance to bring people joy. For this husband and wife team, wedding photography isn’t just about taking snapshots. It’s about delivering high-quality images that document the wedding day, from start to finish, to tell the details of a couple’s love story.

“The people I photograph are everyday people,” Lorenz said. “It’s just about bringing out their personalities. It’s something that they can treasure and look back upon. It’s something good.”

Also, as a current chief photographer at Nellis Air Force Base, Lorenz Crespo brings a crisp edge and notable attention to detail to his photography. But, as evidenced through his interactions with clients and his own family, he also brings a gentle touch and a passionate desire to create memories unique to each individual.

“If you can kindle that little twinkle in the eye,” Lorenz said. “You know, some people they’ll joke with each other. Just a hug or a little look. And if I can capture that, then I’ve done my job.”

While Lorenz places an emphasis on people, he also takes an interest in the artistry of their surroundings.

“I don’t consider myself a traditionalist,” Lorenz said. “I like to take it to a different level, and I like to employ a lot of the architecture with personalities.”

Whether it’s the architecture of a Las Vegas location or the composition of a bride’s personality, Lorenz can capture it all with a camera.

“Each couple, they bring their own personality to the table,” Lorenz said. “We want to capture that in a way that’s very tasteful and meaningful to them. That means a lot to me.”

To ensure the essence of each personality is best captured, LorenzFoto always focuses on the details to create an aesthetic image.

“I take a look at the bride—her necklace, her earrings, her hair,” Marylou said. Before Lorenz snaps the image, she ensures every detail in its proper place. She fixes a flyaway hair, straightens a crooked tie, and always allows the newlyweds to look their best while remaining comfortable in the situation.

“I work with people of all walks of life. Some people are more traditional. Some people are more artsy,” Lorenz said.

In addition to bringing diversity of style, Lorenz and Marylou of LorenzFoto also offer an understanding of human nature and life circumstances.

“We both understand the commitment, the trials and tribulations of what it takes to be a couple,” Lorenz said. “We relate a lot with people we work with, all the time. That’s what we bring to the table.”

And that is one of the core elements behind LorenzFoto’s photography success. That’s why couples continue to return to LorenzFoto even after their wedding days, asking Lorenz and Marylou to capture their next phases in life, from maternity to family portraiture.

“You know, they say, ‘A picture’s worth a thousand words,’” Lorenz said. “So if I can be part of that, if I can capture who they are as people, that just gives me inspiration.”

As I finished speaking with Lorenz and Marylou that day, Lorenz closed with a story that shared his resurgence of passion for his photography.

“I think of a story,” Lorenz said. “My father recently passed. And, you know, I could only find two to three photos of me with my dad. And I think, looking back on things, I wish I would have taken more photos. So, you know, I understand the importance of what we do—documenting people at different phases of their life, with the hope that it will mean something to people. That’s what I bring to the table. It’s very important what we do.”

Brides and grooms, LorenzFoto desires to make your love story known. They want you to experience these blissful moments forever through your photographs.

Memories last a lifetime. Now your photographs, which breathe life and color into those remembered moments, can last a lifetime too. So choose a photographer you can trust to convey those memories as you want them remembered.

If you’d like to speak with LorenzFoto about your wedding photography or engagement shoot, please call Lorenz Crespo at 702-460-4853. You can also visit LorenzFoto’s website for more information, or meet this inspiring couple in person at the next Bridal Spectacular bridal show. For more Las Vegas wedding photographers, please visit the official website for Bridal Spectacular.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photographs courtesy of LorenzFoto Weddings.