After a season of tight curls and coif, demure hairstyles (think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s alongside a slew of 1940s-inspired styles that gave 2010 brides an elegant air), today’s brides are letting their hair down for the 2011 summer season. With long, loose layers, subtle curls, and the messy-dressy up-do, Las Vegas brides are following trends toward their more natural appearances.

If you’re a Las Vegas bride and you’re still looking for your ideal wedding hairstyle, examine these styles. As you look, consider your hair type (thick/thin, curly/straight) and its length. Select your favorite inspiration and tailor it to your personality.

Low Chignon

As an evening attire favorite, this hairstyle displays sass and sophistication. Whether a bride decides to add volume throughout or to keep hair closer to the scalp depends on her personal style. Unlike a typical tight bun, keep a chignon’s soft curls a little bit looser for a more natural effect.

Low Chignon: Eva Longoria

Birdcage Veil

For brides who aren’t interested in a typical bridal veil, consider adding a birdcage veil to your bridal beauty. Often paired with a glamorous hairpiece or jeweled hairpins, this veil lets brides embrace subtle sexiness. Able to be worn to the side with a hint of a veil or even with a full veil stretched across a bride’s face, the birdcage veil is available in many styles to appeal to almost any woman.

Birdcage Veil: Drew Barrymore

Beach Waves & Hippie Headband

Perfect for brides with a carefree spirit, soft beach waves give a bride the ability to display her personality. She’s let her hair down, and she feels comfortable and confident just as she is, even for her wedding day look. For a little added spunk, add a hippie headband set around the crown of the head. Glam it up with a flower or jeweled accent, or keep it simple with a single braided band.

Beach Waves and Hippie Headband: Taylor Swift

Short Hair & Jeweled Accents

While the Posh Spice tiara atop a bride’s head may work well for some women, modern brides may also consider a more subtle approach. For short hair, add body to hair through soft curls. Then include a jeweled hairpiece to slightly pull hair back to one side. With this stylish accent, short-haired brides experience an air of polished sophistication without needing to grow their hair long for one special day.

Short Hair and Jeweled Accents: Charlize Theron

Big Bangs & Big Hairpieces

Women can wear full bangs well, especially when paired with a large accent hairpiece for formal occasions. To bring a balance of soft youthfulness and mature glamor, a bride can pull her hair back into a loose updo while letting her bangs grace her forehead. Experiment with chignons, elegant ponytails, and soft curls. Then complete the look with an exaggerated hairpiece, elegantly pinned to one side.

Big Bangs and Big Hairpieces: Zooey Deschanel

Simply Straight

For brides with naturally straight hair, embrace a soft style that speaks to natural beauty. Tease hair roots for added volume, tame frizz or flyaway strands, and use a flat iron to achieve a look that’s straight but styled. By simply enhancing an everyday look, casual brides enjoy the ease and low-key character of this hairstyle that allows them to always be recognized in their wedding photographs.

Simply Straight Hair: Lucy Liu

For your bridal beauty, find a hairstyle that most inspires you. Choose what catches your eye and what matches your personality—be it chic, simple, or glamorous. Then consult a Las Vegas wedding hair stylist. Schedule an appointment and preview the hairstyle in a trial run to complete your wedding hairstyle search.

Finally, Las Vegas brides, look at yourselves in a mirror and imagine the look on your groom’s face as he sees you walk down the aisle. Allow yourselves to feel like the beautiful bride you truly are, from the inside out. You know your groom believes it; now it’s time for you to embrace that you are beautiful too!

Author: Allyson Siwajian  © 2011