Recently I spoke with Gina Pfersching of Las Vegas’ Red Rock Country Club for a special feature in August’s issue of Spectacular Bride. As we spoke, Gina shared her wedding planning secrets to help brides better define their wedding visions and share their expectations with their vendors.

Amidst Gina’s recommended strategies, she shared an innovative technique that caught me by surprise.  She recommended that brides ask themselves, “Have I seen a wedding in a movie that I think, ‘Wow. That’s how I really imagine it.’”  With plenty of wedding movies in today’s market, Las Vegas brides, what an amazing question to incorporate into your wedding planning!

Have you recently been inspired by what you’ve seen in a wedding film? If so, do you know how to define your vision based on what you watched? Read today’s tips for an introduction to wedding planning as inspired by your favorite movie moments.

Like her dress?

When you see a bridal gown that you like, take note of it. What makes it stand out to you? Is it the train length, waist ruching, lack of straps, or jeweled bodice? Remember what makes this gown appealing to you, and take that knowledge with you to Las Vegas wedding dress shops.

Jumping the Broom

Want that décor?

If you feel drawn to wedding ceremony or reception décor in a movie, decide what moved you to it. Do you like the overall aura? Are you pleased with the details? Mention your favorite weddings in movies to your hired vendors for floral décor, rentals, and the venue. They can help you create a wedding that’s very much your own while maintaining the movie aspects that you most liked.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn

Love that feel?

Were you moved to tears by a movie moment? Consider what made you cry. Amidst the romance and climatic make-up after the break-up, you may have also liked the feel of the characters’ surroundings. Note the backdrop and determine if you’d like to incorporate these features. Would you like a live band? Twinkle lights and a wooden dance floor? Secluded reception area and a small guest list? Find a venue that can accommodate your dreams, and work with the catering director or wedding coordinator to find exactly what floats your boat for your wedding day.

27 Dresses

Las Vegas brides, gather inspiration from your favorite films. If your most-loved movies feature weddings, so much the better! But even if they don’t, you might find elements you like within certain scenes. Maybe it’s a cake, the way the leading lady wears her hair, or even a party theme that strikes a muse within you. Determine your favorite elements, and share these with your wedding professionals. With their professional assistance paired with your vision, you’ll create the wedding day of your dreams.

Finally, brides, as you find yourselves as the leading cast amidst your own wedding sets, don’t forget to invite a professional Las Vegas videographer or cinematographer to film your special day. With wedding footage all your own, you’ll be able to relive the moments that made it yours again and again.

Now, ladies, go make some movie magic!

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photographs taken from the following films: Jumping the Broom, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, and 27 Dresses.