Las Vegas weddings are going green, thanks to local professionals dedicated to delivering high-quality products that benefit the environment for affordable prices. Leading the way in eco-friendly invitations, Paper and Home Premium Stationery offers brides and grooms an eclectic yet elegant style with natural flair.

This weekend at Bridal Spectacular’s bridal show, I had the opportunity to meet Michael and Brooke Coxen, the creative minds behind Paper and Home. Well-spoken, friendly, and passionate about serving brides and grooms to the best of their ability, this husband and wife team recently stepped beyond the Big Apple to bring vintage style, premium printing, and eco-friendly stationery to Las Vegas weddings.

Meet Michael and Brooke Coxen of Paper and Home.

“We’re a custom studio,” Brooke Coxen said of Paper and Home. “I meet with couples one-on-one, so I get to know them and what they’re looking for. Then I customize their designs based on their personal tastes and the colors they’re interested in. And I also help them with the planning process… just to get them started.”

With a gentle demeanor and a warm spirit, Brooke shares a connection with today’s brides and grooms. As a Las Vegas newlywed herself, she understands the importance of learning what a couple wants their invitations to communicate about their wedding, their style, and their personalities.

“I have books they can look through, but I also do custom work,” Brooke said. “Everything is tailored to their specific interests and their wedding.”

From making basic changes, like choosing alternate fonts and colors, to completely designing new material with a texture, photograph, or theme that represents a couple, Paper and Home always offers opportunities for brides and grooms to make their invitations their own.

Customize your save-the-date cards.

“Anything is possible,” Brooke said.

With this focus on customization, Paper and Home offers high-quality products for any bride’s budget.

“We specialize in doing premium paper, premium printing methods like letterpress as well as digital printing,” Michael said. “And we do it for an affordable price. That’s our goal.”

In addition, Paper and Home has gained popularity with its eco-friendly wedding invitations.

“We do an eco-friendly line of bamboo paper, cotton paper,” Michael said. “We have seeded paper, which [have] wildflower seeds in them, and you can actually plant the paper and sprout wildflowers from [it]. So it’s completely recyclable and good for the environment.”

“I tested it out, and I had little flowers sprouting. It was awesome,” Brooke said of the wildflower seed paper.

“There’s a lot of beautiful papers out there … that have been recycled or are environmentally-friendly,” she said. “It’s not just your standard white paper.”

An additional benefit of environmentally conscious wedding invitations is the cost.

This wedding invitation is plantable!

“It’s actually more cost-effective,” Brooke said of Paper and Home’s eco-friendly line of stationery. “Although I [represent] a paper company, I encourage sometimes going without the envelope or using papers that are 100% recycled, post-consumer. And then I do find that maybe one out of ten people ask for things that are more eco-friendly.”

With a solid grasp of the modern bride’s concerns to be more cost-effective as well as her desire to respect the environment with her wedding planning choices, Paper and Home delivers high-quality products paired with a budget-savvy perspective and a global awareness.

“Every now and then,” Brooke said about custom invitations, “people put in a line or two in different languages.  I’ve had Farsi and Hebrew, Chinese. Usually just little quotes or something. It’s nice.”

Brides and grooms can simply provide Paper and Home with a message printed in the language of their choice. Then Brooke and Michael will scan the message and include it in the invitation to further embrace the culture of the couple.

Paper and Home offers premium products, for brides of all budgets.

Through Paper and Home’s dedication to make an invitation match the bride and groom, they constantly excel at customer service.

“I think that we’re all about really quality service,” Brooke said. “Our product at the end of the line is paper, but I think our number one is service, customer service satisfaction.”

With high-quality wedding invitations, professional service, and a desire to make every invitation custom-fit to each bride and groom, Michael and Brooke Coxen truly have brought something beautiful to the Las Vegas wedding industry.

Brides, if you would like to learn more information, visit the official website of Paper and Home Premium Stationery and Organized Living. View their portfolio online, consider the use of their eco-friendly invitations, and feel free to contact them for a complimentary consultation. For additional information on local stationery shops, please visit Bridal Spectacular’s website for a list of recommended wedding services.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photographs: first image by Adam Frazier of Artistic Imaging; additional images by Allyson Siwajian of Bridal Spectacular

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  1. I made an appointment with them at a bridal show in Las Vegas. Out of all the booths for wedding invitations and stationary, the Paper and Home booth was the most creative and interesting booth there. After meeting with them with my fiancé we were blown away with all the original creations they have and everything they have to offer and for reasonable prices as well.

  2. The creativity put into this new business is amazing….wishing Michael and Brooke much success!

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