Las Vegas bride Laura Covington recently participated in Bridal Spectacular’s special photography project “One Bride, Nine Photographers” at Las Vegas’ Tivoli Village. Paired with nine different photographers over the course of nine hours, Laura served as a model to allow each photographer to showcase their individual styles.

Today, in continuation of our “One Bride, Nine Photographers” series, we’d like to display the other side of the bride. While our latest feature delivered a carefree spirit and fun-loving nature, today we’ll showcase Las Vegas wedding photographers who like to capture the sultry edge.

Just because you’re shooting sexy poses doesn’t mean you can't be funny in between shots!

While each studio is true to their own style, these photographers give us a whole new vision of bridal portraiture. Departing from the “Happy Bride” of much wedding photography, they excel at capturing the beauty of a woman for her wedding day. As seen through their images below, these photographers know how to guide the bride gently through her photo shoot as they craft the moment, make a woman comfortable with the mood, and masterfully capture every expression, be it elegant, coy, and even tastefully sexy.

Brides, lose yourselves in the beauty of these images by KMH Photography, Digs Studio, and Orange Soda Photography. To help you decide which style best suits you, read each photography studio’s Artist Statement. Then, to view a photo shoot through the bride’s eyes, read Laura Covington’s comments about her experiences in The Bride’s Perspective.

Digs Studio

Artist’s Statement:  Digs Studio is about the experience…

Still Life: Moments are meant to be captured…

Reel Life: Laughter should live forever…

For Life: After the wedding comes so much more…

The Bride’s Experience: “Derek [of Digs Studio] is a fun, high-energy photographer. I enjoyed working with him as he worked his photojournalistic style. He had me strutting my stuff down the street as he and his assistant clicked away from both sides to get the perfect flow of my dress in action! Derek’s style is fun, full of life and attitude!” ~ Laura Covington

KMH Photography

KMH Photography
KMH Photography

Artist’s Statement: “I am Kristen Hansen, the founder and camera behind KMH Photography. My images seek to capture intimacy, humor, intensity and unique moments. I pride myself on my ability to capture the beauty of human interaction, and I seek to combine a high-quality technical approach and creative documentary style. The process of photography has always intrigued me—from seeing the shot and clicking the shutter, to editing and presenting my clients’ finished work. Every day, photographing and reviewing sweet smiles, kisses, tears, stolen glances, goofy faces, clasped hands, and laugh ‘til you cry expressions, I find myself involuntarily smiling and laughing along with my clients. Ultimately, the joy involved with artistic creation, as well as the total sense of fulfillment earned with each happy couple or family, drive me in my photographic endeavors.” ~ Kristen Hansen

The Bride’s Experience: “It was so much fun working with Kristen. She has a very gentle personality that just makes you feel comfortable in front of her camera. She helps you pose so that the parts of your figure you want to hide are disguised, so you look your best! Your pictures by KMH Photography will capture you just as you want to be remembered on your special day!” ~ Laura Covington

Orange Soda Photography

Artist’s Statement: Both of us have had cameras in our hands as long as we can remember, and we still get that rush of exhilaration we felt the first time we peeked through a viewfinder. We have a big ol’ crush on life and love to share our life experiences with new people. ~ Chris and Alicia Purdum

The Bride’s Experience: “Alicia and Chris [of Orange Soda Photography] are the ultimate husband and wife camera-wielding duo. I really enjoyed my session with them. Chris and Alicia will have you laughing one moment and posing with a sultry look the next. They are always ready to try something crazy and new to get the perfect shot! They find fun ways to use shadows in the pictures to create interest. Their use of lighting is fantastic, and the end result is spectacular!” ~ Laura Covington

“One Bride, Nine Photographers” Continues

Brides, imagine how these photographers can direct you for your own bridal photo shoot to create images just as poignant. To learn how you can partner with these photo professionals for your own bridal portraiture and wedding photography, please visit their websites. Also, we invite you to visit Bridal Spectacular’s website for a full list of recommended photographers. Lastly, please check back tomorrow for the grand finale of this series, “One Bride, Nine Photographers.”

* * *

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Bride: Laura Covington

Bridal Make-Up and Hair Stylist: Amelia Cline-Cooper

Photographs as labeled: Digs Studio, KMH Photography, Orange Soda Photography; Photo used in introduction: Ella Gagiano Photography