In the world’s wedding capital, Bridal Spectacular birthed the conceptual project “One Bride, Nine Photographers.” Designed to give Las Vegas wedding photographers an opportunity to display their artistic interpretations, we invited nine local cameramen and women to photograph one bride, Laura Covington, in Tuscany Tivoli Village over the course of a single day. Today, Las Vegas brides, we’d like to present you with the final chapter of this journey.

Today we unveil the conclusion to "One Bride, Nine Photographers." (Photograph by LorenzFoto)

While we’ve exposed the sultry and experimented with the playful earlier in this series, today’s wedding photographers deliver an intense depth of perception and a fierce grasp of the artistic.  Each in their own way, these final three photographers display the bride as regal, sensual, and yet perfectly natural.

As they make full use of architecture and setting, they also work to feature the bride through a high-fashion editorial style. Hearkening to Hollywood glamor and even editorial pieces in the likes of Vogue, these images bring new breath to wedding photography as we know it.

Through their creativity, eye for color, and focus on taking the natural realm to an artistic medium, the photographers of Artistic Imaging, LorenzFoto, and Alt F Photography are changing the face of Las Vegas wedding photography. And, brides, they are inviting you to join them.

Dive into the rich romance and soft elegance of their images below. Then read their Artist’s Statement to discover their approaches to photography and working with local brides for their wedding days. Lastly, to gain further insight to each photography studio, read The Bride’s Perspective to learn Laura Covington’s experiences and impressions throughout this Tivoli shoot.

Artistic Imaging

Photograph by Artistic Imaging
Photograph by Artistic Imaging

Artist’s Statement: “I’ve always taken the greatest inspiration from the people I photograph.  It’s their vibrance and elegance that make my images unique and beautiful.  I’ve always felt my greatest strength is observing people and their natural sophistication, strength and, at times, spunk.  Don’t worry if you think you don’t look good in front of a camera because you’re not going to have to say cheese.  All you have to do is show up and be yourself.”  ~ Adam Frazier of Artistic Imaging

The Bride’s Perspective: “Adam [of Artistic Imaging] is a fantastic photographer and a very patient and kind guy. He captured so many classic poses and cool photojournalistic shots. He was very helpful in directing me which way to look and which expressions to make to create a mood in the shot. His assistant Jessie was fun to have around too. She is sure to make you laugh naturally when it’s time to get the classic ‘Laughing Bride’ photo.”  ~ Laura Covington


Photograph by LorenzFoto
Photograph by LorenzFoto

Artist’s Statement: “Marylou and Lorenz Crespo have found their passion in creating art through photographs. They look at each wedding as an adventure and set out to capture the events of the day, but more importantly to convey the spirit and essence of each occasion. As strong believers in attention to detail—no two wedding ceremonies are alike—they look for the small, yet equally significant components that make each wedding unique.  Their engaging photographs illuminate the romance of a couple by showing their passion for one another with timeless and glamorous expressions. They set their standards high and make it a personal goal to produce high-quality work that is well thought–out.”  ~ LorenzFoto

The Bride’s Perspective: “Lorenz is a great guy! His genuine grin will have you grinning right back at the camera. Lorenz isn’t afraid to get down and dirty to get the best shot. Literally, I think he spent as much time on his back shooting me from cool angles as he did on his feet! Lorenz is always there to help you find the perfect pose or to help you create the sultry look you are looking for. His photographs are very high fashion, and you will love them!”  ~ Laura Covington

Alt F Photography

Photograph by Alt F
Photograph by Alt F

Artist’s Statement: “For John Michael Cooper, photography requires artistic vision, creative edge, and a poignant exploration of darkness as well as light. With these qualities constantly in his care, John and his wife Dalisa provide Las Vegas brides with a different style of wedding photography. Through their studio, AltF Photography, they shift the paradigm of wedding photography to create emotive art that features brides and grooms in the notorious wedding capital of the world: Las Vegas, Nevada.”  ~ Alt F Photography

The Bride’s Perspective: “AltF was incredible to work with. They have so many cool tricks up [their] sleeve that you spend half of the photo shoot wondering, ‘How does that work?’ I enjoyed posing for John Cooper and his lovely wife Dalisa! They are one-of-a-kind, and they excel at their craft and take pride in their work. You will love their mind-boggling photographs and will be amazed by all that they did to get that incredible end result!”  ~ Laura Covington

Beyond “One Bride, Nine Photographers”

Brides, if your interest has been captured by the images featured in “One Bride, Nine Photographers,” then embrace their styles for your own special days. Visit each photographer’s website, and make appointments as you narrow your options. Find the studio whose images reflect your vision, and book a photographer whose personality you can blend with easily. Then, brides, let the professionals handle the details. On your wedding day, all you have to do is enjoy the experience.

See more images from this series in Spectacular Bride: Your Essential Guide for Las Vegas Weddings. Order your complimentary copy online from Spectacular Bride’s website.

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Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Bride: Laura Covington

Bridal Make-Up and Hair Styling: Amelia Cline-Cooper

Photographs as labeled by: Artistic Imaging, LorenzFoto, and Alt F Photography