“Lighting can really change the world,” Kevin Cordova of LED Unplugged Lighting and Event Rentals said at the most recent Bridal Spectacular bridal show.

It’s true, Las Vegas brides. Lighting affects how we feel when we walk into a room. As it sets the tone, the level of lighting creates a mood. It can brighten a dark corner, add dramatic effect to a dance floor, and infuse a particular area with color.

LED Unplugged created this look for their bridal show booth. Imagine what they can do for your wedding!

“When you’re looking at such an important day,” Cordova said about Las Vegas weddings, “and you add this enhancement to it, it really does completely change the look.”

While LED Unplugged allows grooms to get excited about incorporating the latest wireless technology into their weddings, Cordova and his team also use their products to encourage a bride’s décor and design vision to flourish.

Through their expertise and equipment, LED Unplugged can completely transform the look and feel of a reception area. To the bride and groom’s specifications, they can change the wall colors of a reception room through uplighting. They can display the newlyweds’ names and wedding date with a brightly colored “gobo” above the head table. They can include colorful lights for vivid centerpieces, and heighten drama on the dance floor.

Simply through lighting, LED Unplugged can even transform a casual ballroom into an elegant, sophisticated lounge or raving nightclub scene. With the right lighting, any dream can be fulfilled and any vision can be accomplished.

Lighting can be vivid and intense...

To complement the lighting, LED Unplugged also specializes in furniture rentals. These rentals include white leather, modular furniture (including couches, end tables, and ottomans), 18-inch by 18-inch lighted cubes, and cylindrical high-boy tables for cocktail hours and receptions.

“It’s to create a relaxing area,” Cordova said, “kind of a lounge area, like a V.I.P. area at a wedding.”

Open to all guests, this furniture adds to the overall affect and gives guests a comfortable place to rest. Whether they’re taking a moment from the dance floor, sipping a drink, or engaging fellow guests in conversation, this modern furniture creates an area for guests to relax and take in the atmosphere without needing to return to their specific reception tables.

For brides and grooms who want to customize their reception area with lighting and furniture rentals, a simple appointment at LED Unplugged is all it takes.

“They can expect great service and professionalism,” Cordova said.

At any stage of development, LED Unplugged is willing to work with brides and grooms as they explore their options and further hone their wedding day visions.

... or it can be soft and sweet.

“They come to me sometimes with photographs,” Cordova said. “Sometimes they come to me with photographs in their head. And sometimes they have no idea what’s possible. I help them do the full lighting design.”

With professional expertise, excellent customer service, and technologically advanced products, LED Unplugged offers complete freedom and endless possibilities for Las Vegas weddings.

Lighting really can change the world. And LED Unplugged is one of its forerunners. Brides and grooms, to change your world for your wedding day, partner with LED Unplugged Lighting and Event Rentals and create an unforgettable experience for everyone in attendance.

For more information about lighting customizations and furniture opportunities, please visit LED Unplugged Lighting and Event Rentals’ website or call Kevin Cordova at 702-769-2500. To find additional Las Vegas lighting and rental companies, please visit the official website of Bridal Spectacular.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photographs: Orange Soda Photography