Famous for its commitment to help brides and grooms “over-save” on their Las Vegas weddings, the Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort offers an affordable venue with a breathtaking view of the natural desert landscape. Located in the Northwest, this tax-free facility can transform its golf course and clubhouse into the perfect place to say, “I do.” For any bride and groom looking to keep costs down without cutting the beauty of their event, the Las Vegas Paiute offers opportunities for weddings that embrace the natural environment, allow for customization, and won’t cause a couple to overspend on their wedding day.

Say your vows at sunset!

“We’re out in the middle of nowhere,” Brianne Domoracki, Special Events Coordinator of Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort, said of the expansive property. “So there’s no buildings. You’re not looking into anybody’s backyard for your ceremony. It’s just you and nature.”

While this venue is secluded in its location, it also offers brides and grooms a sense of privacy and ownership on their special day through the staff’s customer service.

“We only do one wedding per day,” Domoracki said. “We focus on that particular bride and groom for that day, so it’s all about them.”

On that day, a bride and groom can expect a beautiful outdoor ceremony (weather permitting), followed by an indoor reception at the clubhouse.

“We do have floor-to-ceiling windows, so it gives you the feeling of bringing the outside in,” Domoracki said of the clubhouse’s reception area. “It’s very beautiful.”

Host a ceremony on the pristine lawn beyond the clubhouse.

In addition to a stunning view, the reception room also hosts tables, chairs, customizable linens and chair covers, and a dance floor for weddings. With these features, couples can also experience a few added touches with an all-inclusive wedding package, such as a champagne toast, an ice sculpture with the newlyweds’ names engraved, and a professional disc jockey to play music and emcee throughout the entire event. To polish this experience further, the Paiute provides excellent food for all weddings.

“Everything comes in fresh,” Ginny Hamel, Assistant Director of Food and Beverage at Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort, said at Bridal Spectacular’s bridal show. “Any appetizers, hors d’oeuvres, are handmade. It’s not something that’s just shipped in frozen and then you heat up. All his [Chef Todd Noetzel’s] sauces are homemade.”

In addition to such excellent inclusions for the reception, Las Vegas Paiute offers extras for their ceremonies as well. These include the minister/officiant, a ceremony arch, and chairs for guests in the ceremony area. To ensure everyone in attendance is well cared for, the Paiute also utilizes a ceremony location near the clubhouse that is easily accessible.

“If anyone’s handicapped, they don’t have far to travel,” Domoracki said. “It’s right next to the clubhouse.”

Customize the reception room to your specifications.

Las Vegas Paiute’s staff works to make the bride, groom, and guests comfortable throughout their entire experience. With flexibility and attention to details, the staff always leads the way to a memorable wedding. While they consistently provide service on the day of the event, they’re also willing to assist in advance with any wedding planning possible.

“It’s their day,” Domoracki said, “and we’re here to help them put that special day together.”

Hamel agreed. “Everyone feels comfortable with us,” she said of the Paiute, “because we make it special for them. If they have a special want or need, we are going to try to accommodate them in whatever way we can, whether it’s a theme or a special drink or it’s a color. You know we’ll go beyond and try to find that.”

Take in the natural beauty of the region.

With the Paiute staff’s commitment to serving its brides and grooms paired with their desire to customize the space to fit any couple’s wedding day vision, brides and grooms can find a place here that caters to who they are. And they can do so without breaking their budget. At the Las Vegas Paiute, amidst the landscape and the scenery, newlyweds can fall in love in a place that caters to the essence of their special day—beauty, commitment, and care.

Brides, for a delightfully unforgettable wedding experience, consider Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort for your wedding venue. Contact Brianne Domoracki and Ginny Hamel at 702-395-1700 to schedule a venue visit, or view Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort’s website for more information. Finally, to learn more about additional Las Vegas wedding venues, please visit the official website of Bridal Spectacular.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photographs: TSL Photography, Cashman Brothers Fine Photography (as seen on Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort’s website)

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