In today’s society, modern brides are choosing to neglect the taboo and display their tattoos on their wedding days. As we saw earlier this week in “Inspired by Ink,” these women have found creative ways to incorporate their body art proudly into their bridal beauty.

But, Las Vegas brides, we also realize that not all brides are proud of their marks. For example, you might not want to display an ex-boyfriend’s name across your chest as you walk down the aisle to the real Mr. Right. Yes, it’s part of your story, but out of respect for your groom, you also might consider a little coverage.

Beautiful brides have embraced their tattoos.

For whatever reason you want to cover your tattoo as a bride, discover our four helpful tips for tattoo coverage at your Las Vegas weddings. As you choose which method is right for you, remember that each bride has a different skin type. You’ll need to find what works bests, looks best, and makes you feel your best!

* Heavy-Duty Facial Concealer: Is it meant for tattoos? No. But does it work? It just might! If you’d like a D.I.Y. method with the added benefit of later using it to hide facial redness or acne, then try a strong, smooth concealer. Many brides recommend MAC Select Cover-Up (available at MAC Cosmetics) or Make Up Forever: Full Cover Concealer (available at Sephora). While these can provide camera-ready coverage, make sure you properly powder and set the concealer. Otherwise, your make-up may rub away against your groom’s jacket when he goes in for the first kiss!

* Dermablend Medical Concealer: Intended to conceal deep scars, burns, and tattoos, this product works wonders! For application, pat moisturized skin with Dermablend’s Leg and Body Cover. Then sit tight for 10-20 minutes as the coverage dries. If necessary, gently cover remaining ink with Dermablend’s Cover Creme. The key is to blend, blend, blend! Finish with a light dusting of Setting Powder. Brides, you can find Dermablend products at Ulta Beauty, Macy’s, or Dilliard’s department stores.

Let a professional make-up artist conceal any tattoos and provide you with breathtaking natural make-up for lips, eyes, and face. (Make-up by Amelia C.)

* Airbrush Makeup: As the most reliable coverage for all skin types, airbrush makeup masks tattoos and creates a completely flawless skin tone. Also, this is the most stress-free option for a bride who only wants one-day tattoo coverage. Relax as a professional make-up artist masks the tat, no matter its color or size. Schedule an appointment with a Las Vegas make-up artist who specializes in bridal beauty.  Also, consider accomplishing two wedding planning tasks in one visit! After the tattoo coverage is complete, let the airbrush artist also enhance your facial features with natural wedding day make-up.

* Wedding Dress: Not in love with a strapless dress? Perfect! Hide those shoulder, back, neck, and chest tattoos with the cut of your bridal gown. Simply try a cap sleeve, a demure collar, or a modest neckline. Even consider a wrap for concealment at the ceremony that can be left behind when you hit the reception’s dance floor! Just remember, brides, to choose the gown that makes you feel the most beautiful. Tattoos can be covered with the right make-up, so don’t let a past marking you don’t want to show stand between you and your ideal wedding dress.

Brides, start experimenting early, so you have plenty of time to find the best method before you walk the aisle. As you search, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Meet with professional make-up artists through consultations, and learn more about a product before you make a purchase. Lastly, always undergo a trial-run before the big day to ensure you like the results. Then with the proper tattoo coverage, your skin will reflect its natural beauty and you’ll enjoy your wedding worry-free!

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photographs: first image by John Michael Cooper of Alt F Photography, second image by Ron Dillon of Ron Dillon Photography