Las Vegas brides, start your searches for your wedding dresses! As you prepare to walk down the aisle at your Las Vegas weddings, remember your bridal gown is one of the key components that makes the whole moment so magical. It lets you embrace your femininity to the fullest, and it proves that you are a bride—one who’s proud of her decision to take a man’s hand in marriage from that ceremony moment ‘til death do you part.

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Want the best dress experience? Know what to bring with you to your gown appointments. (Dress by David's Bridal)

Since the wedding dress is such an integral part to the wedding, you’ll want to start your search early. Most wedding professionals recommend you select your dress 6-8 months before the wedding day. This provides time for a gown to be sewn, shipped, altered, and steamed. Brides, even if you don’t know what features you like best in a gown, choose to visit wedding dress stores with an open mind, a positive attitude, and trust in your bridal store consultant’s ability to help you find your best fit.

With this knowledge and a booked appointment at a local store, all you need to focus on is what you’ll bring to the bridal gown appointment. To be prepared for this experience, take note of these bridal beauty tips for your first fitting.

  • Wear appropriate undergarments: A female consultant will likely be in the dressing room with you. She’ll help place the gown over your head, zip or tie any laces in the dress’ back, and assemble the train appropriately before you walk to the mirror. With this in mind, please wear an appropriate bra and underwear.
  • Bring your bridal shoes: Do you know what shoes you’ll be wearing for your wedding? Bring them along! You can wear them as you try each gown for the full effect. Don’t have your shoes yet? That’s okay too. Just ask your bridal boutique for a trial pair in your shoe size.
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Dress by Dillard's department store
  • Invite one to two people: Keep your entourage small, and make sure you trust their opinions. Remind them that this is your wedding day, so you would like input on how each gown matches your taste and body shape (not theirs). Go with your gut on your bridal gown, but let these women offer encouragement to you along the way.
  • Focus on what you like about your body: Resist the urge to use your time before the mirror as an opportunity to criticize yourself. This is where your best friend, MOH, or Mom can help. Let them encourage you in your beauty. Before you enter the store, know what you like about your body. Then search for a dress to complement those natural features. Whether it’s a tiny waist, a full bust, smooth skin, toned legs, or a curvaceous booty, own it and remember you are beautiful.

Brides, you will find that perfect dress. Bring your essentials with you to the store, trust compliments from friends and family, and go with your gut. Whether it takes you three hours or three months, know that you are going to find the gown that makes you feel like a real woman for your grand debut as a bride. Now that is a beautiful thought!

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