“We have a beautiful location,” Teresa Greenbaum, Food and Beverage Event Coordinator at Angel Park Golf Club, said of Angel Park weddings.

Located in the heart of Summerlin, this Las Vegas wedding venue offers a breathtaking ceremony area adjacent to the Angel Park golf course.

“We’re right up next to the mountains where the sun sets for your ceremonies by a lake, surrounded by a golf course, palm trees, [and] flowers,” Greenbaum said.

Discover the possibilities for your wedding ceremony at Angel Park Golf Club.

In addition to the grassy natural landscape, Angel Park Golf Club also presents an inspiring view that lets guests admire the aura of Las Vegas without being near the busyness of The Strip.

“We have a beautiful patio, [and] there’s a fire pit,” Greenbaum said of the clubhouse area. “It overlooks the golf course and the mountains, and you can see the lights from The Strip. So that works out real well for that time after the ceremony when people have cocktails and come inside the clubhouse. So [it’s] kind of an indoor-outdoor feel in a lot of ways.”

While brides and grooms will experience these guaranteed features, they’ll also be able to add a little extra spark to this venue through wedding customizations. From linens to dining, each wedding can be personalized to match a couple’s specifications.

“You get to pick what you want to eat and what you want to drink,” Greenbaum said. “We have a chef on site who prepares all our meals homemade. Everything from sauces, dressing, the chicken is brought in fresh to prepare the chicken meals.”

Then with prices for plated dinners starting at $25.95, brides and grooms truly can create high-quality experiences for affordable rates at Angel Park Golf Club.

“It’s very economical if you want it to be,” Greenbaum said. “But you can go higher. The sky’s the limit.”

Experience a memorable wedding at Angel Park Golf Club, from start to finish.

While wedding personalization varies from couple to couple, Angel Park’s customer service is always consistent and committed.

“Our service sets us apart,” Greenbaum said of her team. “We’re very hands-on, get involved with people, very friendly.”

Paired with their positivity and people skills, Angel Park’s staff also hosts the professional experience to seamlessly organize every event as a fluid team.

“It takes a team to run a wedding, so working together is really important,” Greenbaum said. “We’ve all worked here over ten years, so that helps us to know our location and know our brides.”

With an experienced team, excellent customer service, and a beautiful location, Angel Park Golf Club is prepared to give brides and grooms the most memorable weddings to start their marriages.

“Come visit us,” Greenbaum said with a smile. “We’d be happy to do a tour. … Get an idea of how we do things.”

Brides, choose to visit Angel Park Golf Club as you search for your ideal wedding venue. Call Teresa Greenbaum at (702) 254-3250 x2222 to schedule an appointment, or view Angel Park’s website for more information. To further find Las Vegas wedding vendors for your wedding planning, please view the official website of Bridal Spectacular.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photographs: Angel Park Golf Club (as seen on their website)

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