Candy buffets are all the rage for Las Vegas weddings! Whether a bride’s style is whimsical and playful or serene and elegant, candy buffets can be created to coordinate with her special day. But, brides, a candy station is about more than a few jars of candy on the cake table. To take the candy station to a more personal and professional level, choose to partner with Sweet Sensations Candy Station.

Sweet Sensations Candy Station gives guests a great place to gather during the cocktail hour and reception.

Brides, grooms, and guests alike will love this opportunity to enjoy a sweet treat on a special day. Available throughout the cocktail hour and reception, a candy buffet provides a lively gathering place beyond the bar and gives the reception room a colorful focal point.

“When you put the candy station in, it focuses because of the color and the design,” Pam Carver of Sweet Sensations said at the most recent Bridal Spectacular bridal show. “A lot of people will turn to that and say, ‘Whoa! That looks beautiful.’ It kind-of lights up the room. So they love it.”

Alongside professionals from Sweet Sensation Candy Station, brides and grooms may customize their candy buffets to fit their wedding’s tone and their taste buds. From current candy favorites to old-fashioned penny candy, Sweet Sensations provides a wide variety to appeal to anyone’s sweet tooth.

“We have over a thousand different types of candy,” Carver said, “and the candy is always nice and fresh.”

To begin the process, brides and grooms can contact Sweet Sensations before their special event. This begins a dialogue between the bride and her Sweet Sensations representative to find the perfect fit for her wedding day.

Sweet Sensations incorporates each wedding's colors and style into its candy station design.

“We’ll ask her what colors she’s using, if she wants to go with a color theme,” Carver said. “Then we send her back a list of every candy in that color that she can pick from.”

While brides and grooms are welcome to choose candies to complement their favorite flavors, Sweet Sensations also aims to create candy stations that reflect their personalities.

“We customize their colors and their theme,” Carver said.

To better understand the wedding’s tone, Carver and her team like to see a bride and groom’s wedding invitation. Then Sweet Sensations can best identify the couple’s personality, style, and wedding theme as they design a candy station to match the mood.

“Let’s say the bride is going with a whimsical theme. We bring a certain kind of decoration,” Carver said. “If it’s an elegant theme, we’ll do a lot more floral in it.”

A candy station can present a focal point, provide sweet snacks, and establish a wedding theme.

With such personalization, brides and grooms can even go beyond the candy buffet to include ice cream, a chocolate fountain, or candy favors in jars or labeled boxes. Sweet Sensations can even include framed photographs of the bride and groom for further candy station customization.

“Anything with candy and sweets, we do,” Carver said.

As a welcome favor for guests, a reception focal point, and a special opportunity for flavorful fun, the candy station brings a modern, personal touch to every wedding.

Enjoy a sweet day with sweet treats by Sweet Sensations Candy Station. To create your candy customizations, please call Pam Carver or Brittany Sansone at 702-417-2805. For more Las Vegas wedding candy, cake, or confection opportunities, please visit Bridal Spectacular’s website.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photographs: first images by Sweet Sensations Candy Station, final image by Allyson Siwajian of Bridal Spectacular