Happy Thanksgiving, Las Vegas brides! Here in the beautiful city of Las Vegas, Nevada, we have so much to be thankful for this season. Today I encourage each and every one of you to take time tomorrow to note what makes you thankful. Yes, it sounds like a fifth-grade homework assignment, but you’d be surprised at how much peace and happiness you feel when you focus on what makes you grateful. It’s amazing, to say the least. 😉

But while you work on your personal list of thankfulness, I’ll start us off with a few aspects from the wedding planning biz. For every item on this list, we all as brides can say, “Thank you for that!”

Bride and Groom kiss in autumn wedding
Celebrate the autumn season with your groom! (Photograph by Alt F Photography)
  • The Demise of the Diana Dress:  I love Princess Diana. Her wedding gown … not so much. With 2011, we entered a new era of wedding attire with Duchess Kate’s demure look. Brides, no longer are we holding royalty (or ourselves!) to a standard of poofy sleeves, high-necklines, and mile-long trains. I’m thankful the ‘80s bridal fashion has up and left, leaving all of us with an array of elegant, chic, or even sexy bridal options.
  • All-inclusive Packages: Can you say, “Easy wedding planning”? I can! With more Las Vegas wedding venues offering this option, busy brides can rest easy. I’m thankful for the opportunity to hire the venue, catering, cake, disc jockey, and more all on one tab from one trusted source. Thank you, wedding professionals, for working well together to give us brides the best!
  • Freedom of Choice:  As modern brides, we have so many options! We don’t have to pick between only two or three vendors. Instead, Las Vegas offers us dozens of choices for each and every category of wedding planning. I’m thankful for the opportunity to find the perfect fit to my personality and my budget for each of my vendors to ensure I’m comfortably in good hands for my wedding day.

  • Celebrating 11/11/11 with your Hubby-to-be: Come on, brides, how often do we get to experience such a numerically amazing day? I’m thankful for my groom, who makes every moment (lucky day or not) special. Here’s to all the brides-to-be who celebrated with their grooms in anticipation of your Las Vegas weddings!
  • Well-organized Bridal Shows: Bridal shows are what bring us together! Quite literally. Without well-established bridal shows that deliver organized vendors, excellent fashion shows, and flourishing décor displays, we wouldn’t have one-stop shopping. I’m thankful for Bridal Spectacular’s bridal shows, which make wedding planning fun for everyone while maintaining high-quality show standards.
  • Customization Beyond Color: Brides, long gone are the days when wedding customization meant you only chose your linens’ color. Now with customizations for floral décor, reception areas, ceremony arches, photography styles, bridal shoes, menus, and more, I’m thankful we can own our wedding days and create experiences that say, “This is who we are. We thank you for joining us.”
  • Personal Wedding Party: These supportive, special few will soon stand beside you for your wedding day: Maids-of-Honor, Bridesmaids, Mom, Dad, best friends, siblings, and most importantly, your groom. I’m thankful for the role each of these people play in my life, and I’m so grateful they chose to stand with me for my wedding. Brides, this Thanksgiving, show the extraordinary people in your lives how much they mean to you in your own unique ways!

Brides, we’d like to show our gratitude for you. This week, please receive two-for-one tickets with promo code “FB2011” for the January 20-21, 2012, bridal show. We appreciate you, brides! Thank you for choosing the Bridal Spectacular.

Now through to your wedding days, Vegas brides, we wish you all the joy in the world! Happy Thanksgiving!

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photograph: John Michael Cooper of Alt F Photography