Swinging away from 2010’s ultra-modern taste, the wedding industry certainly benefited from a host of new trends for 2011. With a chic twist, this year’s weddings reverted to timeless traditionalism and an aura of elegance. Now, Las Vegas brides, before we dive into the new trends of 2012, let’s reminisce on wedding highlights from this past year and decide which ideas we’d like to carry into the new year.

Duchess Kate in wedding gown
Duchess Kate Middleton wore a delicate, lace bridal gown to her royal wedding in April 2011.

1. Muted Color Palettes: This year’s wedding colors exuded life but dimmed their hues for softer tones. Most popular colors included: lavender, blush, light gray, raspberry, tangerine, mint, and canary yellow.

2. D-I-Y Projects: What began as a do-it-yourself method to save money in tough economical times grew this year to become a way to add the personal touch to customized weddings.

3. Lace Bridal Gowns with Transparent Sleeves: In a return to elegance, this year’s most ordered bridal gowns featured lace and exquisite detailing, often paired with transparent sleeves. While brides nationwide embraced this style, U.S. pop culture personality Nicole Ritchie and British Duchess Kate Middleton captured media attention with these gowns on their respective wedding days.

4. Birdcage Veils: Worn by brides of various styles, the birdcage veil brought a balance of modernity and traditionalism to any woman’s bridal beauty.

India decor
Couples enjoyed the warmth, luxury, and spice of India-inspired decor.

5. Cultural Inspiration: While brides and grooms chose to incorporate cultural roots into their ceremonies and receptions, two styles reigned—exotic Indian décor with its rich, warm tones and also Asian Zen with bamboo stalks, trickling fountains, and hanging lanterns.

6. Dessert Stations: As brides and grooms further personalized their weddings, they expanded beyond the cake table with dessert stations that included hard candy, ice cream, tarts, and pastries.

7. Vintage Influence: Contrary to the rock-and-roll retro of 2010, this year experienced a revival of classic romance, 1930s inspiration, and the charm of the Gatsby Era.

8. Luxury Weddings: While Kim Kardashian’s reception proved too luxe for most Americans, luxury weddings have captured the imaginations of many Las Vegas brides. With up-scale settings and less-stress planning through all-inclusive packages, this trend will likely be further claimed by weddings in 2012.

9. Registry Variety: Rather than register for home staples like towels, bed sheets, and dishes, brides and grooms opted for wedding registries toward their honeymoon funds or donations to their favorite charities.

sweetheart table with lavender linens
Brides and grooms loved the intimacy of sweetheart tables for two.

10. Sweetheart Table: Rather than separate the bridal party from their spouses and significant others through a traditional head table, brides and grooms preferred to sit alone at a sweetheart table for added intimacy at their receptions.

11. Eco-friendly Inclusions: With a growing awareness of global implications, this year’s couples decided to “go green” with LED lighting, plantable or recycled invitations, in-season flowers, and catering created from local ingredients.

Las Vegas brides, if one of these trends inspired you for your Las Vegas weddings, then don’t leave it behind in 2011. Find a way to make the idea your own, and incorporate it into your special day. Happy planning, Las Vegas brides, and Happy New Year!

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2011

Photographs: Kate Middleton photo by EPA, as seen in The Daily Mail; Indian decor by Naakiti Floral Design, photo by Allyson Siwajian; Sweetheart table display by Griffin Mansions, photo by Allyson Siwajian

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