Confident with a camera and inspired by the scope of life, Las Vegas wedding photographer John Morris delivers genuine expressions, polished technical skills, and creative outlooks for Las Vegas weddings. While Morris specializes in high-quality photography for both portraiture and photojournalism, he also offers brides and grooms a timeless nature for all their images with the authentic lifestyle look.

“We have a very natural lifestyle look,” John Morris of John Morris Photography said at the latest Bridal Spectacular bridal show. “We don’t over-process. We rely on natural light, and we really rely on natural expression.”

cute couple_engagement shoot
John Morris Photography

While this style gives a true reflection of a bride and groom, Morris also provides direction to allow each couple to look their best.

“True photojournalism, in my opinion, doesn’t always come out the way you want,” Morris said. “So we do more of what we call a lifestyle, a magazine style, where we actually direct our clients.”

Las Vegas couples have taken to this style immensely, especially those who are unfamiliar with being in front of a camera. But with Morris and his team, brides and grooms find they’re able to pose and interact with each other in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.

“Not only do we know how to use the cameras and we’re technically trained, but we also know what makes them comfortable. How we can give those expressions. Those natural smiles,” Morris said.

To make a couple comfortable, no gimmicks are involved. Rather, Morris uses conversation, commonalities, and even his warm sense of humor to break the ice.

reception details
John Morris Photography

“It’s little things,” Morris said. “I’m not an over-the-top, loud guy. But just talking to them, getting to know them, making them feel comfortable is critical.”

With a couple that feels at ease, Morris can then capture the moments that speak to their relationship through a realistic, genuine lens.

“We interact with them and watch them interact with themselves,” Morris said. “We work with them, so that we get images that are—I don’t want to use the cliché ‘timeless,’ but—they’re not dated. They’re not the latest trend. They’re not the latest fashion. They’re clean. It’s good photography.”

To complement Morris’ style, he harnesses his technical ability gained from a degree in commercial lighting and photography along with years of professional experience.

engangement shoot with enhanced lighting
John Morris Photography

“Lighting is as important as the journalism part,” Morris said. “We use it to enhance a photograph, enhance what’s already there, without overpowering. That’s how we get that look. It’s very clean. It’s a very bright look.”

While Morris has a reputation for embracing the natural, he isn’t afraid to play with lighting to achieve the best imagery.

“We do occasionally like to use lighting for effect. But for the most part, we try to use our light subtly,” he said. “We try to look as natural as possible.”

Skilled with a camera and savvy to lighting techniques, Morris complements his technical ability with his creative edge.

“It was travel photography that initially inspired me. But now anything,” Morris said. “Movies, magazines … especially older movies where lighting was so critical and so important.”

But while art appeals to his palette, Morris also draws inspiration from the world around him for a unique perspective on life that is evident in his wedding photography and engagement shoots.

“Just experimenting. Getting out. Watching life. Looking at life,” Morris said. “A lot of times a lot of these images, they’re not quite accidents, but they’re a product of watching life and seeing what happens. Then recognizing it and taking advantage of it when it happens.”

groom wipes away bride's tears
John Morris Photography

As a photographer fully capable of capturing these moments through a camera, Morris brings the grandness of travel photography, the detail of magazine imagery, the dimensional life of film, and the creativity of a skilled artist to each wedding he shoots.

“I think our style is different than what a lot of people have,” Morris said of his team.

Brides and grooms agree. For wedding photography that keeps couples comfortable, reflects their styles, and maintains the beauty of well-crafted imagery, select Las Vegas’ John Morris Photography.

For more information, visit John Morris Photography’s website or call John Morris and his team at 702-807-1600. Lastly, make plans to attend Bridal Spectacular to meet John Morris and a host of additional Las Vegas wedding photographers at Cashman Convention Center on January 20-21, 2012.

Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photographs: John Morris Photography