Las Vegas’ Altenburg Studio reveals a photography concept that’s spicy, sassy, and sexy. Through Sue Altenburg’s all-female studio, brides-to-be can capture their sensuality in lingerie through posed shots with boudoir photography. Whether a bride prefers tasteful, modest and suggestive imagery or photographs that bare it all, Altenburg Studio provides a relaxing environment, professional customer service, and the utmost respect for clients’ privacy through their renowned boudoir and pin-up portraiture.

“Boudoir photography is in lingerie,” Sue Altenburg of Altenburg Studio said at Bridal Spectacular’s bridal show. “It’s usually done as a wedding gift or for Valentine’s Day or first anniversary. The pin-up photography is in outfits that look more like 1920s, ‘30s, ‘40s, like the retro look.”

pin-up bride
This pin-up bride wears a 1940s vintage wedding dress. (Image by Altenburg Studio)

While a bride can choose either pin-up or boudoir, all the photography takes place within safe studio staffed entirely by women. Through this approach, brides feel more comfortable and confident as they prepare for their portrait sessions.

“We work with Amelia C. Hair and Makeup, and we have the hair and makeup done for them,” Altenburg said of the first step to the bride’s boudoir process. “Having the hair and makeup done gets them a little relaxed. … Then they choose their outfits.”

With Altenburg Studio, each bride may have as many as six outfit changes in a single portrait session.

“We have a lot of outfits,” Altenburg said of her studio, “but most people like to bring in some things of their own to make it more personal.”

Whichever way a bride decides, Altenburg Studio respects her choices, creates an appropriate environment, and ensures that every woman photographed will look her absolute best.

“We make sure everything stays put,” Altenburg said. “We watch always through photo sessions to make sure things are laying well. Then if there is little malfunction, we can always do retouching to fix that.”

Before any retouching is completed, Altenburg Studio checks with a bride to learn what she’d like to see for her photos. If she wants to bare it all, then Altenburg allows her to fully embrace her sensuality. If she’d like to keep certain areas covered within the photographs, then Altenburg will make sure that bride’s wishes are honored too. But while Altenburg can retouch for these elements, her studio can also retouch any photograph to remove any unwanted blemishes.

boudoir woman
Image by Altenburg Studio

“It’s whatever the person wants,” Altenburg said. “So we can remove things like cellulite, stretch marks, veins, lines, wrinkles, blemishes. We can also do a little body-shaping. … Or if you get that little bump by your bra strap, we can take that off.”

With professional photo-editing skills and a trained eye, Altenburg and her team have years of experience creating the perfect imagery for every client. Then once a bride has received her completed images, she is able to present them to her groom for a moment to remember.

“A lot of them make really nice wedding gifts, from the bride to the groom,” Altenburg said of brides’ boudoir photographs. “It makes a super gift to have in the honeymoon suite. I’ve [even] had girls who have had it delivered right before they go down the aisle, which is fun.”

Through such intimate images, a bride can give her groom a gift he’ll cherish even beyond the wedding night. Also, to complement this gift, a bride who chooses Altenburg Studio receives the security that this precious gift will be seen by her husband’s eyes only.

“I always tell girls, if you’re going to have something like this done, it’s good to go to a really well-established studio,” Altenburg said. “I do [photograph] a lot of people who are teachers or police officers or things where if the photos were shown, it could affect their jobs. So with our studio, you don’t get used as a sample unless you sign written permission. And you want to make sure that you’re covered with that in any studio that you go to.”

Image by Altenburg Studio

As a family business in Las Vegas since 1972, Altenburg Studio has gained an impeccable reputation to deliver high-quality images to brides, to treat women with the utmost respect, and to always encourage a safe environment.

“We always want to make sure people are safe, that they’re comfortable, and that your privacy is going to be respected in these kind of photos,” Altenburg said.

As their team continues to maintain that standard, Altenburg Studio also offers a relaxing atmosphere where brides can enjoy their opportunities to create these special images.

“People have a really good time,” Altenburg said.

Las Vegas brides, for a fun experience that results in the perfect groom’s gift, select Altenburg Studio for boudoir and pin-up portraiture. Contact Sue Altenburg and her team at 702-252-7557, or visit their website to view their portfolio.

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Author: Allyson Siwajian © 2012

Photographs: Altenburg Studio  (View the variety of their boudoir images through their website.)